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  1. The supposed fat burning machine will have its work cut out. MC should just get rid of him and bring back corabi.
  2. Its a good rocking song and sits well in the fatbands setlist, but is probably the only rocking song from the CD album thats worthy of playing live and has that 87-93 GNR vibe.
  3. I see he hasnt made another comment about an album.
  4. I dont mind dep leppard, but only their debut when they were breaking out as part of the new wave of british heavy metal scene. Their debut is chalk and cheese compared to hysteria and the crappy ballads after that. So understand why people hate them.
  5. Music - no Looks- yes. Axl seemed to lose the teased up hair by lies, and definetly by farm aid.
  6. Just a fatmans tears , and his money.
  7. Can we do the winnipeg photo head on a jabba the hut body.
  8. Yep. I think if the band are touring overseas there maybe a mandate used by other countries to declare all overseas band/artists etc to be vaccinated and show proof. Fatman probably had a Doctor do a house call for his shot cause he's to lazy to go to a clinic.
  9. Lol the statement underneath "Tex and the Horseheads" should either be the next GNR album title or the next tour!.
  10. Haha, i did see metallica on the black tour but saw them at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Unfortunately i didnt see Danzig when they played at Selinas in 93. 93 seemed to be a good year for bands that toured. We had GNR in Jan, metallica in march Faith No More in April and Danzig later that year. The whole stoner rock is one of those genres where you like it or you dont.
  11. Its a pity there's no footage of the 87 motley tour when they were support. In 93 i lost interest in them, and in my final year in High School was mostly listening to Danzig 3- How The Gods Kill and Monster Magnet and Kyuss debut album.
  12. I dont blame slash and duff. As long as the money they make from fatband can fund and enable them to do their solo shit any topic can be off limits. This band has a shelf life, its making as much $$$ as they can before it ends.
  13. Personally the mixing( copy and pasting) of ATurd is a joke that a band of this standard is willing to release a song this badly mixed. Hardschool i prefer the Village Leak version.
  14. I thought the band and Slashs guitar work on The Garden and the performances from Saskatoon was good standard. I think in terms of live pre Geffen signing, especially Think About You that's floating on YT, they seemed to be better as they were hungry(no pun intended) when they were wanting to make a name for themselves.
  15. Would that be another gay looking axl hat in the background on the bench?. Prince he is not. You would be seen as a pedo with that hat. Even the painting in the background with axl wearing a trenchcoat , is flasher material right there.
  16. Axl really has aged badly. But so has most of these 80s bands. Vince Meal Sebastian "aids kills fags dead" Bach Axl kind of fell off a cliff off after 13/14 but more during the fatunion. He had a kind of southern rock look vibe going during the ashba era and looked like he was ok with life and not trying to compete against his past. There is a photo floating online of the band,ashba era, at an airport bar lounge and Axl has that southern look and looked at ease. If he announced he had no intentions of releasing new songs and was happy for GNR to be a nostalgic act than maybe he wouldn't have aged so much. To me he looks he has aged worse during the fatunion than the ashba era.
  17. I believe it was @Bill Brasky that mentioned that little tid bit.
  18. And that can only be done by doing an album of all new original material. Not by doing mashup, and having 2 different drummers frank and brain playing from old material.
  19. I tell you who that cat looks like from Axls twitter photo. Pai Mei from Kill Bill.
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