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  1. Second on the left must be the hyundai car salesman. Axls thinking how to make the band members employees of Guns N Roses TM.
  2. Having saw the cult back in 2013 i agree. Astbury doesnt "sing" and just yells, but he doesnt even sing all the lyrics in the song. Kind of like adlibing the lyrics rather than singing them. He still does wear the indian shit onstage , im surprised he hasnt been cancelled for it. I dont believe he has any indian heritage. He was born in the UK ffs.
  3. The Tokyo illusion shows were cringe then when they first came out and now. To me because of The fatmans endless costume changes. I understand he wore the bike pants because they were easy to run around the stage in compared to leather pants, but could have jyst worn jeans like now.
  4. Loved the AFD era. Liked the 91 illusion era. Once November Rain video was released it was all over.
  5. I remember slash mentioned this in an interview where he keeps the fatman low or not at all.
  6. I thought the best vocalist in slashs solo career was Rod Jackson from snakepit 2. Agree he needs to drop Myles, just to do something different. Maybe another friends type album like his 2010 shit. Slash needs a vocalist that doesnt look like a pale vegan.
  7. As shit as it is, this is more rockier, and guitar playing more wild than HS and Aturd. Commercial rock radio will play this. Remove Myles voice and put Axls on change some lyrics, keep the guitar work and lead solo, and you have a GNR single on an EP. It proves to me as generic as it is, hes putting more effort into the Constipators than any of Axls CD leftovers. No fucks given. I had to laugh.The "yee ha" from Myles at the start is the equivalant to the fatmans "hawww".
  8. If fuckable taylor swift coukd spend the money to get out of her contracts and sign with a new label, whats GNRs excuse?.
  9. Absolutely not, Axl should have insisted to Geffen a complete name change. But if i remember his onstage rants, he viewed the new lineup as an extension of the GNR b(r)and. They should have done the band under a different name, no classics and be a support band to other bands until they built up a discography and some success, but doubt Axl wanted to play other than on Arenas/Stadiums. Agree with BH being to good. Personally having him play SCOM was an insult to someone as talented as him.
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