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  1. I have no idea why the band couldnt have released the boxset and added "aint goin down" to the current setlist to promote the boxset and add a couple of other illusion era songs, DNB, bad obsession etc for promo to the setlist. Except playing fuckin Whichita for the upteenth time. They really are shit. Its no wonder Universal make MetallicA the priority over Fatband.
  2. Where does "down by the ocean" fit in terms of when that was written?. The lyrics are pretty shit, and should be changed.
  3. Thought they would also add "down by the ocean" or crash diet.
  4. Fuck....i dont know what to say about the menstrual part...😄 Interested Auad if you had any bad experiences in terms of tinder dates gone wrong?.
  5. Good episode. Everytime Auad spoke it reminded of Gunner (dolf lungren) from The Expendables films.
  6. I can only hope Universal know that TB are a joke among the fanbase.
  7. The band really are a joke. I reckon the fat 3 still dont look at this period of the band to favourably. Muff and slash havent posted anything about the anniversary because it probably still reminds them of axls late starts, riots etc and other issues with axl at the time.
  8. How much remaining until the big $500?.
  9. With the amount of supposed antidepressants he takes cant see how he wouldnt be in a great headspace.
  10. Its youtubes version of axl resting his voice.
  11. Fuckin zakk wylde and his pinch harmonics.
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