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  1. I dont see any GNR activity in terms of new music or touring post axl turning 65. Axl doesnt have the pipes, especially for 2 to 4 year tours every 6 months. Agree that GNR have a retirement vibe like the stones, but the stones have a bigger discography so they can afford to be that. But they are still creating new music so they still have that artistic integrity. GNR is the mothership that can pay for their lifestyles, but each band members solo outlet is their creative muse. Axl might have felt like he could walk away but his return to RIR 00"s(showing newgnr lineup) , gettin
  2. No way will they have a pushy industry manager at their age. I would bet GNR decisions comes down to axl having the final say. If axl doesnt want to do it, it wont be done. Touring and releasing boxsets us the bands approach. Maybe an EP but thats wishful thinking. I still think axl will pull the GNR pin at 65.
  3. Wish there were shows on YT of when guns supported motley crue in 87. There first arena support. I think from what i have seen online is saskatoon 93. I think any of the 91 and 93 shows, and hoping they get included as part of the illusions anniversary. Would like to see an official GNR show when they played with metallica in 92. One without a riot taking place.
  4. Is this just a long winded post to say that apart from a handful of fans, not many people are interested in seeing him live and as a result isnt worth his time making the effort to play live😄?.
  5. I dont understand the logic of releasing mediocre songs for one album and having the better songs on the next album. Then again, if you have a plan on releasing the second album fine, but my feels are we arnt getting that. GNR will continue to trot a new tour every 6 months on the back of the casual fans setlist of jungle, pc,scom and slither with a "new unreleased" song.
  6. Im watching this at work at the moment and have colleagues looking at me cause this shit is so funny. It would be much more realistic if he was out of breath by the end of the first verse.
  7. Whats the go with the colour difference. Shes more brown here than how she is in her current pic.
  8. Former Guns N Roses lead singers housemaid tells all on Axl Roses eating habits and late night room visits.
  9. When i was hearing bills voice i was immediately thinking about some of those thomas meadow youtube vids, and the way he sometimes carries on.
  10. Always wondered if there was plenty of VR instrumenrals , non released demos still in the vaults.
  11. Be a good party trick of sliding an ice cube down her chest and see the ice cube ski off.
  12. Nice interview👏 Sorry brasky to say this but you sound abit like.......thomas meadow🤐. Looking forward to the next interview.
  13. Like DDM especially the solos TAY is the better "ballad" over SCOM, NR, DC.
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