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  1. hello Karice. wanna play with my chickens?
  2. videos are shitty, commercial fluff do begin with, aimed at an audience that isn't even interested in GNR in the first place
  3. it's impossible to evaluate the music behind the song, because of myles grating vocals his annoying delivery, interferes with the emotional response from this song. that said, from the snippet I heard, the guitar work sounds pretty wild
  4. better keep our goats behind locks and bars again
  5. at least he's friendly with his livestock
  6. it's hard to imagine this forum without ragnar think of all the goat / gypsie jokes that are meanignless without him
  7. the jungle came alive, and took Ragnar el diablo cazador de hombres
  8. simple setup. one-day operation. we pick up their trail at the chopper, run'em down, grab Ragnar and bounce back across the border before anyone knows we were there.
  9. shouldn't we have a category for best @auad bitch of the year?
  10. it's christmas, so I wanna nominate all of you except @DefinitelynotDazey he's only here for bringing us coffee and cookies, and shining our shoes
  11. I'm open to sharing my premium chicken porn with the gypsy community, if they allow me to fuck their sisters. (not their mothers, as I don't fuck women who have more hair than me) @Ragnar
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