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  1. I'm open to sharing my premium chicken porn with the gypsy community, if they allow me to fuck their sisters. (not their mothers, as I don't fuck women who have more hair than me) @Ragnar
  2. I've got no questions, but I do want to point out that the following bands / artists have released new albums since chinese released, some dead, some alive, but all more active than you: - ABBA - the Beach Boys - the Rolling Stones - Black Sabbath - Aerosmith - Elvis - Jimi - Kurt - Michael
  3. we're not hunting Ragenar, he's hunting us does his goat have her period or something?
  4. without DJ Slashba, there is no buns n poses
  5. I'd gladly take the shower with the 15000 one
  6. taking a risk doesn't mean the material will be better. it just means, you are doing something different than what you did previously. this is risky, but not necessarily makes for a better product suppose UYI & II was released as their debut album. And appetite as their follow up. in this scenario, your follow up album is also very different than your debut album, but it is clear that appetite is still the better album. Not because it is risky, or different, but only because of its own merits and quality. any way you shape and turn it, the UYI's were an inferior product. all the risks in the world they took with these, could not prevent that
  7. well, that was kind of the point of creating something different wasn't it? if you're going to do something different, as a consequence you get a different meaning to an existing piece of work that body of work has stood the test of time. a cheesefest for 50s teenagers, and enjoyment for 40-something myself in 2021
  8. motley poo has a more consistent body of work than GNR, but arguably that isn't saying much I love me some crue now and then. killer riff incoming
  9. the writing argument, is just a different way to look at things different aspects of a song need to be written: melody lyrics tempo the same song can be performed by two performers, very different if writing is your main interest, then Axl obviously wins. other than "do you wish you had hair" I don't think Elvis ever came up with a single line stephen king wrote hundreds of thousands of pages, and he's a shit guitar player / singer being creative in the writing process is a whole different beast than being creative in the performance process. Arguably, Elvis invented / created a whole new different style of music (see, acting the fool during the sun sessions). In this sense, he is one of the most important creative forces in music, of the 20th century
  10. elvis's music fits every mood, every time it's basically background music to a beautiful day Axl's work of the past 20 years is grating to the ears. Riad, scraped.... it's unpleasant, it's stressfull. it's torture. chinese torture. perhaps that was his artistic goal? I'll never find myself skipping an Elvis song, but I've had plenty of occasions I just had to shut off Axl's frankenstein rock.
  11. the truth is, elvis got the wrong set of cards the day he was born. by 1972 he had a serious eye condition that really started his downward fall and reliance on medicine. poor dude was nearly blind at the end. that's not his fault, it was an error in his DNA what is Axl's excuse? then he suffered chronic back pain and constipation. All things he didnt ask for, nor had any fault in getting. Then, all the shit with the colonel and his divorce I don't subscribe to the narrative that Elvis was his own worst enemy, but Axl surely is.
  12. elvis looked great as late as 1976 Axl has looked like a wax statue since the 2000s
  13. anthology material is where my hope lays now I've had a lot of fun with the expanded appetite / lies reissue, it was a worthwile purchase. that 5.1 mix was legit.
  14. it's all shit however, appetite is a great rock n roll album. everything else they did is convoluted, disjointed and leaves a bad taste, it's just not my cup of tea. Even then, there were a few laughs after appetite, but nothing spectacular.
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