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  1. elvis's music fits every mood, every time it's basically background music to a beautiful day Axl's work of the past 20 years is grating to the ears. Riad, scraped.... it's unpleasant, it's stressfull. it's torture. chinese torture. perhaps that was his artistic goal? I'll never find myself skipping an Elvis song, but I've had plenty of occasions I just had to shut off Axl's frankenstein rock.
  2. the truth is, elvis got the wrong set of cards the day he was born. by 1972 he had a serious eye condition that really started his downward fall and reliance on medicine. poor dude was nearly blind at the end. that's not his fault, it was an error in his DNA what is Axl's excuse? then he suffered chronic back pain and constipation. All things he didnt ask for, nor had any fault in getting. Then, all the shit with the colonel and his divorce I don't subscribe to the narrative that Elvis was his own worst enemy, but Axl surely is.
  3. elvis looked great as late as 1976 Axl has looked like a wax statue since the 2000s
  4. anthology material is where my hope lays now I've had a lot of fun with the expanded appetite / lies reissue, it was a worthwile purchase. that 5.1 mix was legit.
  5. it's all shit however, appetite is a great rock n roll album. everything else they did is convoluted, disjointed and leaves a bad taste, it's just not my cup of tea. Even then, there were a few laughs after appetite, but nothing spectacular.
  6. frank richards is surely better than the old one
  7. fernando taking care of us again by denying this rumour
  8. maybe it was a troll post before, but now maybe Axl will think this is actually a great idea
  9. it was alright, but I was still glad the song ended when it did the new ABBA song is better
  10. honestly, I think mick has always had a terrible dress sense keith, was ok in the 70s, but these days I don't know Axl looks like a pimp
  11. at the risk of treading into faggot territory, I'd say guns were objectively cooler fashion wise Izzy in particular, with his hippie / bum look was something to be inspired by I'm not too sure what it is about the stones that made them "cool". I guess Keith was cool, or cool enough. But he wasn't really.... dangerous I'd say. Whatever that means. These days though, it's easy. Keith is still cooler than all of guns combined. He's like the cool old dude telling great stories, teaching the kids how to be more of a man. The only thing someone like Duff can learn us these days, is how to me more of a pussy
  12. more frankenstein music Frankenstein music: Music that is overly tinkered with, consisting of bits and pieces of various song elements put together, featuring a wide arrange of current and retired musicians, that is artificially brought to life but looks and sounds dead
  13. @EstrangedTWAT I hope you can excuse me for not donating if I could go to jb's home and give him 50 bucks i'd do it in a heartbeat, but I don't feel very comfortable sening money internationally, and then trying to explain that at home. "it's money for a japanese hooker, but its not for me its for a friend", I don't want to go that road. I fully wish you all the pleasure I remember the first time I went to a hooker, I was still a virgin. I was in my mid twenties, that's how much of a sad bastard I was. It was glorious, she had the perfect body it was like having sex with a dream. I still evoke the images of that occasion now and then, I distinctly remember her wearing a dress that showed half a nipple, and I had to follow her upstairs and had a clear look on her ass, an ass that I would be having pleasure with less than 5 minutes later. from that moment on, I was way more confident with girls. And no matter what people say about cheap, paid sex, those are memories that last. I'm sure, you'll be having a memory goldmine after the occasion, yourself
  14. ABBA, of all bands, releasing a brand new album before axle and a single that sounds less gay than theirs
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