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  1. axl drives a car, that's so weird. oh, he drives a BMW. BMW's are cool. pussy magnets.
  2. yeah, well luckily tom grant is here to cure us
  3. have you tried at mygina yet? there's the admin there named downzy, a really helpfull chap if you know the codeword. tell him, you're there for "the package", he'll know exactly what to do
  4. Axl's taco pit Ain't it fat look at your waist, man Fat human being Mr 35 stone You're fat You could be slim
  5. kurt has been on record telling he tried to commit suicide as a teenager he overdosed only a couple of weeks before his death he litterally performed on his own funeral, if you closely watch unplugged in new york I wouldn't be surprised if he really committed suicide
  6. to state that he would likely be creating music with his daughter seems to me a case of, the wish being the father of the thought. What really is likely though, is he would have probably overdosed on heroin before a new nirvana album was even released it's all a case of cause and effect; Kurt basically committed suicide the first day he put a needle in his arm. all the BS he had in his life, bitch wife included, stem from this moment
  7. so the people who are helping you end up with the shit you create? Needless to say, I'm strongly opposed to giving away acount details, of any kind, to a stranger on the internet.
  8. I looked to the invincible booklet the other day, but slash was not mentioned in the credits (wikipedia mistakenly quotes the booklet this way and has not mentioned another source)
  9. I kind of like invincible and put it on, once in a blue moon. chinese however, I just find exhausting smile by the beach boys is in the same boat. all three are fascinating and the product of a troubled genious, but not necessarily enjoyable
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