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  1. Her instagram is full of wokey Biden/Anti-Trump shite. I am getting ptsd flashbacks from my days in downzy's US Politics thread.
  2. They may have an entire album of reworked old/new material. Interesting ''covid'', Slash and Duff have had, adding their stuff (via email) to Rose's electronic twenty year old leftovers!
  3. Cannot believe Slash and Duff were essentially cucked into playing THIS?
  4. Pitman is the happiest fella in the world right now, unless Rose conned him out of his royalties.
  5. GN'R's definition of 'new song': 'Shadow of your Love'' (1987) and 'Silk Worms'' (1999ish) in the years 2018 and 2021! Expect Oh My God and Crash Diet next week.
  6. It is just a 20 year old outtake, one of the worst outtakes, with Rose shouting Absurd sporadically over the top. 'Silk Worms'' - stop with this 'Absurd' nonsense - was terrible back then but at least in 2001 it was party of that Pitman-Fink fag goth era. The best I can say about hearing this, is at least Slash's lead fills are decent. It sounds like the type of thing you'd hear on a terrible Blade sequel from 2002, which actually is the case for a lot of the heavier Chinese stuff. Dreadful. And is that the music video? The medusa head?
  7. Let's face it, about the only interest in gnr for their Brazilian fans is going online every two days to see Jungle/It's so Easy/Chinese Democracy etc etc. Rose trolling them with a ''new song'' by playing Silk Worms and shouting Absurd through it, is about as exciting as it gets. Things other bands do like album speculation and interviews do not exist. Now they have to pay for the privilege!
  8. Where can this go where you have to pay up whenever a show happens, which is the only bit of online activity they ever get now. Well they will come here (or Jarmo's if they want to hang from some testicles). It is that simple. With this policy, mygnr will almost certainly leak participants and become a smaller forum of similar minded (woke/covidy) fee-payers. I didn't have too many problems with him either, and his leaving was definitely the catalyst for mygnr's full blown wokeiness. In fact let's just call it downzyness. The downzyization of mygnr is complete.
  9. Didn't Rose have some bit where he said ''something something, with a bitch like you something something'' in heightened cockney?
  10. So he has basically taken the Rio 3 ''classic'' Silk Worms but is shouting ''Absurd'' sporadically throughout, and is now calling it Absurd (for some absurd reason)? This song is 20+ years old, been stuck in his vault all that time, and already been through more transfigurations than one of downzy's models.
  11. I am just reading this whole thing now and it is hilarious. Just to say somebody paid a club membership just a few months before I left. Never been a member before. Downzy contacted. Person wanted to remain anonymous. Don't know what the membership did exactly, but regardless. For all I know, I'm still a club member! I thing there were a few people who had club memberships donated at the same time as me.
  12. It will be exactly the same as their last tour.
  13. The history of Axl Rose is literally him pooing all over his fanbase, and his fans coming back for seconds. The delays were a good example.
  14. It was certainly 3-4 hours when I saw them in Newcastle, 2006ish.
  15. It is a case of, careful what you wish for. The fans were desperate for a reunion. They received it. It was excrement.
  16. I'd torrent it and have a listen.
  17. I hate this band. I cannot even listen to appetite these days. Just a load of fakes.
  18. I still say fernando was pulling some strings with the youtube take downs.
  19. I just realised that Guns N' Roses avoid world cup years: 1987/1991/1993/1999/2008. Alright, Live Like A Suicide came out during Maradona's World Cup. Only Euro: 2008. One England didn't qualify (for) because of Wally with the Brolly.
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