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  1. 2006 was the last year Rose could sing (AC/DC aside) and didn't look fat, so you may have a point.
  2. If you do a search of Shannon Michelle Wilsey you'll realise that Slash was literally cucked on a daily basis.
  3. Iron Maiden may be for hairy nerds who play with Warhammer and come from the Midlands, but at least the band respect their fanbase and actually release stuff.
  4. Just a process of publicity and emphasis. They never made Darryl Jones a Stone despite him doing the exact same job as Bill Wyman, and poor Ian Stewart, their patriarch, was dumped down to ''backing''.
  5. You wouldn't bet your money on it though. Just looks like five transsexuals.
  6. 1985 - 1993, Guns N' Roses 1999 -2004, Freaks N' Roses 2012 - Present, Money N' Beach Towels (Oh, N' Roses).
  7. Speaking of Absurd, there is a picture of Dizzy Reed in his first band and they all look like they are transgendering, No, I don't know which one is Dizzy either.
  8. Depends on how you analyse it, or he analyses it more to the point. Lucre and nostalgia v New material and gigging behind new material in a smaller set-up. He has traded the latter for the former.
  9. From my experience, the guys selling bootleg shirts are usually poor fellas so this is a bunch of bollocks.
  10. I wonder why Beta doesn't like Perla?
  11. Slash, Mr ''keeping it hard rock'', cucked into playing Pitman's electronic farts.
  12. 'Silk Worms' is just a Fat of the Land era Prodigy rip, Rose ripping off Keith Flint (who in turn was ripping-off Johnny Rotten).
  13. To be honest Guns, for me, have slipped to a far lowlier position than ''hate'' - ''hate'' assumes I'm emotionally invested in the band. Guns for me are an amusing car crash. They are too loveably inept to ''hate''.
  14. He is beginning to morph into Biff Byford from Saxon,
  15. Surely he should have Woked-up the lyrics up to satisfy the strongly Woke Beta and Del and mygina club membership? ''Independent cisgendered feminist, got yourself a broken heart'' ''Transgendered pussy full of maggots'' ''Trump supporting demon sucking acid through your heart''.
  16. The crazily expensive lithograph collecting hobby!! GN'R fans, fed up with not collecting new music, switched to collecting pictures of skeletons.
  17. They put their little ''clubby'' hiatus to good use I see? By discussing how people refusing vaccines are brainwashed religious nutters whilst indulging in Trump Derangement Syndrome! Don't Damn Me is still flapping about 'rona; Goat is losing his temper again; downzy is still comparing Trump to the Nazis. Same old...same old... - nothing to see here chaps!
  18. Have you seen it how HTGTH posters all talk in a similar way? They all talk themselves into liking something even though you can tell they really hate it? You can always literally see their thought processes working - placed in brackets, Literally every poster on there speaks like that haha. It is as if they have to feed him a positive bone for every criticism.
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