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  1. 'Hard School'? Rose shouting some completely random word such as 'Absurd' over the top of the ancient Hard School demo, subsequently rebranding it as a new song under that word.
  2. Duff, when are you transitioning, and when are you becoming a mygina mod?
  3. Would have been good if they then launched into Silk Worms.
  4. Does he think he'll give her covid or is he too embarrassed to be frolicking with an interracial lady?
  5. Just glancing at the following Rose quote: ''The word ‘n****r’ doesn’t necessarily mean black''. It literally does mean black! A guy who didn't pay attention in his Latin class.
  6. His last album was shite but I like some of the stuff from the previous Conspirators' albums.
  7. Ridiculous isn't it. Mygina is usually very critical of Team Brazil - Jarmo's is the sycophantic forum - yet as soon as Fernando arrives and dishes out some crumbs, they all prostrate themselves and drool over him. And they expect all this shit he promises to happen? Will they ever learn?
  8. I did see that there was an argument about overpriced posters lithographs which was tedious beyond belief and simply not worth the time and energy reading (I skim read and it still made no sense). Then Fernando gave some promises and people who are normally highly critical of Team Brazil and should really know better by now, Russ and ZoSoRose for instance, started jizzing themselves silly over Fernando. This cunt by the way, is a full blown woker. Started spamming my inbox with ''racist'' just for using the term Kung Flu.
  9. Good luck with that. Notorious Kremlin guards around the place - you are not even to put your hands in your pocket apparently. The body has to be kept at specific temperature and light. There is a special Lenin Lab which oversees it. They check the body every few days, and every year they take the body to the lab and re-embalm the whole thing! They have been doing this since the 20s. Apparently they can keep the body from decomposing for centuries. They also test new chemical techniques and stuff on ''unidentified'' (cough, anti-Putin) bodies. Communism is bizarre, isn't it?
  10. You can still visit it today free of charge, although many people in Russia think they should bury the thing. Putin apparently blocked proposals to bury him, Mao Zedong, Hi Chi Minh and the Kims. It is a strange tradition commies have developed there.
  11. Lenin's embalming was botched so they have had to touch it up over the years using various chemicals to prevent discolouration and such like. Stalin's embalmed body was in the Lenin Mausoleum for awhile also until Khrushchev removed it and buried it in the Kremlin.
  12. I actually think Russ is the biggest Rona loon on there. Downzy just likes to use rona as a vehicle for his TDS, posting stuff about Texas in order to show how dumb Americans are. And even Soul has dropped short of mandatory vaccinations and basically just posts a load of pompous ''peer reviewed'' bollocks. Dazey rarely posts and is basically dazey with fart gags. Of course nobody beats DDM but she is clearly an escapee from a mental hospital.
  13. In fairness he was prevaricating and at least questioning things but suddenly decided, after a long argument with Soul, to join the Mygina Rona Crew and has now become like them: excitedly discussing getting vaccinated and infection rates and such like.
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