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  1. Hard School was decent. I am probably not going to listen to it again but I would have liked it a decade ago. The guitars sound good. Silk Worms is excrement.
  2. I think they'll just continue touring the hits. There is the plan.
  3. Doesn't he also say ''you can suck my ass'' in 'Shotgun Blues'? That would create some disgusting porn.
  4. Delegating Guns to a Brazilian family may just take top prize.
  5. I just don't care about this band to scrutinise them that much. Who cares? It is a song I have listened to a grand total of three times, once from the live clip. I quite like it but will probably never listen to it again.
  6. His muse departed 1991. Or Izzy did which is basically the same thing.
  7. If you judge Guns by being semi-shit or even extremely shit, this stuff often sounds better, i.e., don't judge them by the standards of 1987-93. Expect the worst in other words. You can still discuss their fatness and cuckoldry.
  8. I barely listened to any of that shite, the locker leaks. I remember it all leaked just before I went on holiday so I stuck it all on a disc with the intention of listening at some later date but then basically never bothered listening.
  9. I have never expected that you'd agree with me at any stage Ragnar - rest assured.
  10. All the Chinese leftovers have done is given him the freedom to basically neither write nor record again. He was never going to just chuck all the stuff out on a boxset - which he should've done - and write a new album with Slash and Duff.
  11. Rose will do absolutely everything to avoid the simple process of writing a new song, recording it and releasing it, won't he? Thirty year old 'Shadow of Your Loves'' marketed as new singles; twenty year old Chinese leftovers scraped out the barrel, re-recorded but featuring his old vocals.
  12. The backdrop graphics look like CGI from a late 1990s Canadian b-movie.
  13. It is a decent song but it is the sort of thing you'll listen to four or five times, claiming ''that is good'', and never listen to again.
  14. The way it alters key with Slash soloing over the top is very Guns N' Roses. And the way the band end the song synonymously (including Rose's vocal). That is very Guns; you hear that on a few songs on Illusion.
  15. I almost hate to say it but I like it - granted I only briefly listened to the leaks. I like the guitar interplay; it is a good impression of the proper (Izzy/Slash) Guns N' Roses sound if nothing else.
  16. We'll see how bona fide Duff's woke credentials are when Grace shacks up with a black fella.
  17. Last thing I bought Guns N' Rosey, must have been my ticket when I saw new gnr in - I think it was - 2012ish? If they released an album I would torrent it.
  18. Of course, and that is why he was the only member of Guns with any sort of dress sense.
  19. Stones. Even in some of them odd photos posted, which were done for a specific music video, Jagger had a sense of the absurd and ridiculous. Axl dresses like a 1980s American skateboarder. Slash has become a walking cliché. Only Izzy looked cool in Guns N' Roses.
  20. It has been Woked. Black artists bumped up. White acts (e.g., Beatles/Dylan) dropped down. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9997745/Rolling-Stones-goes-woke-shunts-Bob-Dylan-John-Lennon-500-song-list-Aretha.html
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