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  1. They were good but their window was short. After 1993 it was all over.
  2. His pancreas wasn't the only thing which exploded back in the mid '90s.
  3. This year, whatever it was? A cross between a banana and a paedophile.
  4. Why is everyone woke a complete and utter hypocrite? Duff used to play blowjob games on the Illusion tour and now he is a feminist. All these climate elites using private jets. Most wokers are inverse racists. The whole lot of them are hypocritical. And the hilarious thing is they are lacking in self-awareness to such an extent that they do not see the hypocrisy, or don't care.
  5. Should sell t-shirts saying ''Woke as Fuck''.
  6. He'd be right. Well written piece. Duff is the hardest to stomach because of his nauseating hypocrisy. At least Rose and Slash have never hidden the fact they're absolute scrotums, but Duff? Feminist Duff? ''How to be a Man'' Duff? ''Womens March'' Duff?
  7. It is alright but every Conspirators' chorus sounds exactly the same!
  8. Co-written with Red West and Charlie Hodge,
  9. Totally random Rose mention on twitter feed (I have nothing guns n' roses on my twitter),
  10. He is vastly superior to the real Rose.
  11. Imagine your career flopping to such a degree that you end up playing in your band's tribute band.
  12. Rose/guns not worthy to be discussed in same sentence as the king.
  13. Not sure if it is perfect but I can certainly predict the ending,
  14. Is that the end of some tour or summit?
  15. From memory Jarmo used to defend his voice by saying ''poor recording camera phones failing to pick up voice correctly'' which presupposes that the poor quality audio recordings also failed to pick up his voice correctly when he was singing in AC/DC or in 2006 - or even the old camcorder bootlegs from the classic era. By HTGTH logic, phone camera technology regresses whenever Rose sings like Mickey!
  16. A lot of people see these old greatest hits performers just so ''they can see them one time before they split up or die''. It is about ticking it off your bucket list. It is almost anti-music. Corporate touring: yack. I have a lot of respect for Robert Plant for turning his back on it all.
  17. I'm by no means a language puritan but he managed not one but three fucks in one small paragraph! Bless the tolerant left.
  18. I haven't even seen the reunited trio live. I had expended my interest in the band by then.
  19. He loves a fricative does downs, As for your parenting advice, how about you get yourself all the way fucked. Who the fuck are you to tell anyone how to parent, especially someone who clearly understands shit about fuck when it comes to any of this?
  20. What a stupid person when there is already a certified and moral charity here on this board, buying Estrangedtwat a prozzie.
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