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  1. Even if he is innocent of diddling, he still used to sleep in this massive bed with little boys - by his own confession. Which grown adult in their right mind would want to sleep in a bed with a load of stray boys? This is abnormal! Watching Spielberg/Disney schmaltz whilst enduring a barrage of eggy farts - ''I heard that Macauley''.
  2. Suspicions alerted when it transpired that one of the accusers later tried to become a choreographer on This is It shows. He tries and explains this away as some weird psychological thing in film, but it was unconvincing. Otherwise the documentary was convincing and disturbing. The other chap looks mentally damaged by whole thing. Who knows really?
  3. Whatever can be said about Jackson, and there is a lot, that was a fairly perfect run of albums from Off the Wall to History - even more so if you factor in the Jacksons stuff. And what a performer - especially before he started miming. I am sort of 50/50 on the allegations.
  4. What musically have they to offer. Used to be a '80s hair band and now millionaire wokesters: I cannot think of three less interesting people. Saggy moob rock with a hair transplant. Give it up. It is embarrassing.
  5. Slight rewrite so the bloke is being tied up and we have a bondage anthem, respecting ''alternative lifestyles''.
  6. They couldn't actually do Appetite or Illusion now. Can you imagine it? No ''Jungle'' as there is a racist connotation. Brownstone sounds like it could be rassist also, so that has to go. A bit of re-writing and ''the grass is green and the trannies have titties'' would however work. You're Crazy sounds like it could be critical of mental health issues. Rocket Queen would work if queen meant a gay person as in English slang. Dead Horse? Cruelty to animals.
  7. Imagine a newly written album: a ''woke'' GN'R record - perish the thought?
  8. It started out well with lots of good intentions before gorging itself on money and burgers?
  9. It is all stuck on a vault in Rose's home though, intermingled with his dirty porn collection (food fetish) and lots of interesting court files. Seriously, I have arrived at the conclusion that everything in the vault must be utter shite. There is bugger all there of interest.
  10. Allow me to explain If left untreated, TDS can produce, besides the dominant obsession with Donald Trump, the following symptoms: BLM/Antifa support; extreme political bias including favouritism for the Democrat Party; a Tourette-like disorder in which patient persistently blurts out the following words: ''racist', ''racism'', ''Hitler'' and ''fascist'' in an accusatory manner. More recent trials have discovered a correlation between TDS and weak bladder incontinence when faced with covid. British scientists have discovered a connection between a similar disease, remoanism. Tests on the ageing musician Neil Young have discovered that TDS can turn one's musical output into excrement.
  11. (Axl) ''We're going to start looking very seriously at what we're doing in that regard''. (Slash) ''When all things are considered, we're going to start looking very seriously at what we're doing in that regard''.
  12. For the fans, swing round to mygina. As for the band, weren't the band and hangers-on seen beating up a Donald Trump doll on stage at some Mexican show?
  13. It is weird how Guns are now a band for Woke people. They used to be racist, homophobic and misogynist and now their fans are the type of people you'd normally associate more with Coldplay.
  14. The Rose fat story just made the BBC, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56592762
  15. Since the classic era, for me the only time it has clicked for Rose, in terms of image and voice, is the 2006ish error. Everything else is a fat mess.
  16. I have always wanted one of Izzy's guitars.
  17. He is the one member who is still capable of delivering his best, at least regarding guitar solos. Rose is now a squeaky fat mess, and Duff is just ''punk as fuck''. I don't mind the Conspirators though. In the pantheon, I'd rank him as 8. Hendrix at 10 just to give this context.
  18. Labour luvvie, isn't he? Alongside Ross Kemp and Patrick Stewart.
  19. I meant you and creed for posting those pictures. Those are downzy's sort of lady.
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