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  1. Fernando and his team whenever somebody buys this,
  2. Did this EP actually come out, that is as a proper physical item? On mygina's thread of this subject they are discussing Trump haha.
  3. Sorum ball rubbing escapade warrants at least another trilogy of lachrymose balladry from Rose.
  4. ''Gurls''? Are you willing to bet your house on that?
  5. They are all amazing. One of the few film series where they never put a foot wrong.
  6. I'd only trust downzy as a gnr insider if it was something to do with any of them transgendering. He is an expert on that subject.
  7. Guns are now sort of like an exhibition which is wheeled out for cash. They are like Buffalo Bill's Wild West show basically: a cheap imitation of former glories existing for cash that lacks the substance and content of the real thing. Bill Cody is Fernando. Axl is Sitting Bull. Mellissa is Annie Oakley. They (the middle class punters) know in their hearts they are being conned and this is not the genuine 1985-93 band but they are in a state of denial and continue to throw money at the farce.
  8. It goes on chips - what you yanks call fries. I did go through a short period in my youth putting the stuff on chips. And that is the only time I have ever had it. It is basically seen as an alternative to tomato sauce.
  9. Will it be an overpriced monstrosity like the Appetite one? Have they learnt from their mistake one wonders, as, after significant price drops, all the unsold copies of that were last seen being broken up and sold as individual components?
  10. He grew up in Stoke, the same city that produced Lemmy and Robbie Williams
  11. The difference with Rose is Lydon couldn't give a shit about being fat; he is one of the most self-deprecating people you can meet.
  12. Beatles charging £32 for theirs. Guns are charging £75! Here is the Beatles' one worn by some ethnically diverse people,
  13. Fuck me - those prices!!! 90 quid for a blanket!! 75 quid for a jumper!!
  14. Alt reality Guns, Adler on lead guitar, Slash on bass and Axl doing choral singing.
  15. Most woke people are into vaccines and masks. I bet Del James and Duff are mad vaccinators.
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