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  1. It will be exactly the same as their last tour.
  2. The history of Axl Rose is literally him pooing all over his fanbase, and his fans coming back for seconds. The delays were a good example.
  3. It was certainly 3-4 hours when I saw them in Newcastle, 2006ish.
  4. It is a case of, careful what you wish for. The fans were desperate for a reunion. They received it. It was excrement.
  5. I'd torrent it and have a listen.
  6. I hate this band. I cannot even listen to appetite these days. Just a load of fakes.
  7. I still say fernando was pulling some strings with the youtube take downs.
  8. I just realised that Guns N' Roses avoid world cup years: 1987/1991/1993/1999/2008. Alright, Live Like A Suicide came out during Maradona's World Cup. Only Euro: 2008. One England didn't qualify (for) because of Wally with the Brolly.
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