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  1. Beta sniffs the air for bad energy before every concert. Her nose approves a venue for Axl. If Beta did this already back at the VMAs, would she: A. Smell a demon Or. B. Smell The Rocket Man's butthole?
  2. That the band goes holographic and get to warm up for holographic ABBA in London
  3. It would make the show a bit shorter. More intense. Less need for solo spots. He could have it beside his mic stand, or even a smaller one to carry around on stage. What do you guys think?
  4. I want to exchange a picture of my butthole/mancunt for Silkworms. If anyone has Silkworms, PM me.
  5. To not suck each other on stage like Manson/Finck To hire Melissa instead of The Rocket Man as 2nd keyboardist. To get rid of Teddy Zig Zag Edit: Wouldn't it be cool if someone ACTUALLY came and sucked Axl when he screams "so you can suck me" during Outta Get Me?
  6. Listen. It's not a terrible performance at all. It's within the acceptable range when it comes to live performances. Having said that, the future for Axl will have to be making songs that are mostly in a different key. His talking voice is pretty much the same as in the 90s, so he should be able to pull off some Patience, Civil War kinda vocals fine. His audience is getting older too, so there's no reason to try and impress anyone with too much high-pitch screaming etc.
  7. I seriously think the album, if it's released, will have 2-3 songs made after the reunion. Songs we've never heard of. Anything else won't make sense.
  8. After One In A Million it would seem GnR and Elton John was worlds apart, if not enemies. A few years later, they share the stage on each of their Grand Pianos and plays NR at the VMA. I know Axl never expressed any homo-eroticism in his lyrics, but was there in reality any other way of getting Sir Elton on that stage than spending a glorious moment in the private company of The Rocket Man?
  9. I'm Tomboy. I am homo. My favorite GnR members are Melissa and Richard. I also like the bass player they call duff. I believe his actual name is not actually duff.
  10. Nah. The decline started with TSI. People talk about grunge etc. The fact is that superbands was never in direct "rivalry" with Nirvana etc. It's like saying: GnR died because Offspring and Green Day stole the rock scene. Had GnR stayed together and made more quality albums they would have continued to be huge. Simple as that. What killed the concept of SUPER GIANT artists like GnR, Madonna, MJ, etc? To me, the internet. Before the internet killed our ability to dream, the amount of media outlets were maybe 1% of now. So certain things became phenomenons. Like here in Norway, we had two TV channels. Let's say they each had one hour of music a week. Those two hours were viewed by 20/30% of the country. And same with radio. So a whole family of three generations would probably have seen and heard "Heal the world", "November Rain" and "Like a virgin". Today, everything is individual. Smart phones, tablets. The collective era is gone. This is not necessarily a bad thing altogether, but we will never get people in sleeping bags outside a record store again, to put it like that. Today, people have to go bungyjumping to get the same level of excitement as we had for a (f.ex.) GnR release only 30 yrs ago.
  11. That's so childish. I guess you are angry at Picasso for using color instead of B&W too?
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