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  1. If I had to bet I'd say he got his booster already. He's high risk.
  2. I agree 100%. The whole banning of Rick drummed up free publicity for the tour that year as well.
  3. CD2 better include My World 2 featuring Shaq. It's the only reason I've held onto my Shaq rookie card for so long. That shit will hit number one and the value will fucking skyrocket.
  4. I hope I'm around someday to see if this guy sounds like Mickey in twenty years. This guy really sounds good. I would definitely go check out a show.
  5. Axl signs over all the rights to the GnR name to none other than Dustin Bones. Dustin lays down all the vocals and releases CD2. Realdoll.com is the lead single with a music video of guys fucking real dolls while a Slash stunt double plays with his little dick while crying in his corner cuck chair. Epic...
  6. I've always taken it to mean you're unique or that there's not many people out there like you.
  7. I remember seeing an old interview with Axl trying to explain the meaning of the song. It's not racist of course. He was trying to say that like one in a million of a particular group could spark a stereotype. Like when a cop kneels on someone's neck and kills them then the next thing you know all cops are looked at as murdering racist scumbags.
  8. On my God 2022 with an all new intro featuring punk as fuck bass by Duff and an all new church bell before Slash slides in at full throttle. Same vocals of course with Nothing vocal clips sprinkled in during Slash's all new 8 second solo. I'm getting a boner just thinking about how high the ceiling is for the finished track.
  9. That's a lot of f'n money for one f'n ticket. I paid $36 f'n dollars to see them at MetLife.
  10. I went to see them at MetLife. I'm not embarrassed to say I enjoyed every minute of it. My son asked me to take him and I'm glad we went. Life felt normal again for a few hours.
  11. Same here in the U.S. Brand new song and all they keep playing here are the same old GnR songs. I get why Absurd wasn't played for obvious reasons but I really thought Hard Skool would at least get some spins.
  12. Has anyone even heard it played on the radio? I'm in the New York area market and I haven't even heard it played once. They just keep playing SCOM, Jungle, and NR.
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