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  1. Worrying about having limp dick, is what will make you have limp dick. Also, you're a customer. A cash customer. Chick literally can't decline.
  2. ET & JB are looking into how to get large quantities of high grade Viagra into Japan first. @EstrangedTWAT?
  3. I liked TSI but there def was too much Duff. TSI is fun to me.
  4. Should've got Freese for the tours.
  5. I think Axl had a lot of help lyrically for AFD & UYI's.
  6. For me it’s a tie between TIL, Scraped and IRS as being his worst, most cringey stuff What about for you?
  7. What's your opinion about the lyrics of THIS I LOVE? @Ragnar??????????????
  8. Axl, will you ever return to having long hair? What about being slim? Both?
  9. Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero stopped working together for a time is why.

    1. EstrangedTWAT


      Is this your way of saying you just scored some underage poon?

  11. Destructive lust for life erected, on the verge pricked up like a picket
    fearing to respond to the tempting but malevolent call of the other side.
    1. EstrangedTWAT


      Someone just got this month's supply of meds...

    2. Organic Miser ?
    3. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      lol he said erected. 

  12. And now I don’t know why she went and blew that guy perhaps it seems that Matt had cum right in her eye Though it might not be wise I’ll still be the guy the one who watches Stephanie get fucked all night by other guys And if this seems queer to thee, Love’s made a cuck of me @AxlisOldknows what I mean he can’t deny
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