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  1. He looks weird because he has braids and an oversized jersey on, which was a horrible image. A misplaced attempt to ape the rap/nu metal look that was big at that time. It's definitely NOT an MJ. It's a badly advised image, as was the mustache in 2009-2014. Bad image =/= freakish plastic surgery. They're genuinely, and truly, not the same thing lmao. But I'm either talking to an 80s hair metal geek or a genuinely fucking stupid woman, so either way, I'm wasting my time.
  2. Lol his face looks stretched? His smile lines literally match and when he smiled as you see he has a fuck ton of crows feet, and other wrinkles. it's definitely not in the MJ category. It's like none of you guys understand the combination of makeup and/or flash, and what a difference between utterly baby faced and smooth (as in 2002) and having even just a stubbly beard (as Axl did for the most of the 1980s) can make. That, combined with the natural pulling upon his scalp of the braids (the front was tied in a ponytail in 2002) would do to pull his upper face. It's
  3. 'Red hair dye is soooo hard to maintain. My hair gets really bleached out from the sun when I’m travelling so sometimes I put a little bit of tint back in it (like the cover photo) to restore its real colour. But it washes out quick and doesn’t look great.'
  4. http://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-redheads-have-white-eyebrows-and-eyelashes http://redheadrevolution.us/blogs/news/the-brow-dilemma "There is nothing more frustrating for redheads than the brow dilemma. Well, at least that’s true for me. My brows are the lovely shade of ‘invisible’ or ‘ghost blonde’ as my sister so lovingly puts it. While my lashes are of a similar shade, the brows present a more intimidating problem. For starters they frame your face. Basically they set the mood for your makeup. If you fuck it up, it’s kind of a big deal. It would be like having a Mone
  5. That's called being a ginger. They gradually lost pigment which if you look at photos at Axl from the 1980s through the 1990s, you'll see it happened slowly. A facelift doesn't cause a lack of eyebrows, and also, would pull, as per what the procedure is, his facial muscles taught and tight. His smile wouldn't look the same. It, lacking elasticity from being pulled back, would not be able to extend fully as in the 2002 picture. Even in this picture here from 1995, you can barely see his eyebrows. barely there in 1994 Here in th
  6. Yeah, I have a very particular set of skills... That said, honestly, I've never gotten legitimate celeb stalking. Like, honestly, that 1995 pic of Axl where he looks just like a regular long haired dude with red hair? I'd never recognize him. I'm sure I've walked past at least 1 or 2 celebrities in my life but I've never recognized them. I don't know, to me, it's like, they're just people, like you and I. They just happen to have a shit ton of money, that's all.
  7. you're not wrong. this same dude followed axl around in at least 3, 4 different pictures between 2001 and 2002.
  8. I was in a bad mood that night, sorry. It was just a really weird night. There was a weird vibe to things overall.
  9. Dude I could tell you were high, it's not a big deal. I wasn't offended then, and I'm not offended now. It was just a bizarre and surreal podcast, I was indeed in a foul mood. You may not remember but we had bad technical difficulties and had to restart 3 separate times, which on my end only added to my frustrations, and you probably got sleepier. I'd never judge you for drugs (or most anything), especially Ambien since I love Ambien to death as well. Don't be so hard on yourself, it was still fun chatting with you - it always is.
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