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  1. According to the famous fax he claimed Slash did do sessions in Fall 1995 The Snakepit debacle happened around February 94. Slash finished Snakepit not long before the Northridge Earthquake in Jan 94. Sympathy sessions happened in October 1994 (which invalidates Axl’s claim that Slash hadn’t been involved mostly since April 94) A second Snakepit related incident happened late 94-early 95 when Axl threatened to sue to get the songs back
  2. The last time Axl & Slash did an interview together was January 3rd 1994.
  3. Good luck to you and your guests and I wish you a good show 🍻 I’ll tune in on Sunday the last one was good
  4. Izzy and Adler were the heart & soul of the band. Axl was the brain. Slash was the muscle The heart and souls been gone since 91; the brain’s turned to mush and the biceps turned to gravy
  5. I don’t think the outcome matters to his fans, considering the music he makes. His fan base would probably be more forgiving than most would
  6. Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes

  7. @EstrangedTWAT look at that. The guy had a 6 head even in 1991
  8. Load changed too much too soon -Sound -Looks (not just the haircut but the band also dressing like alt rockers) -Playing Lollapalooza in 1996 -Even changing the logo Those are a shit ton of changes for just one record. Arguably the older school fans could’ve been on board for one, or two tops. It seems almost like they were deliberately trying to shed their own fan base. My sister who’d been a fan since 86 or so jumped off with Load.
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