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  1. Why did Axl's writing degrade so severely that CD is full of shitty rhymes IE


    And now I don't know why

    she wouldn't say goodbye

    Perhaps it seems that I

    had seen it in her eye


    or per the recent release


    But you had too play it cool, had too do it your way
    Had too be a fool, had too throw it all away
    Too hard school & you thought you were here too stay
    If that were true, it wouldn’t matter anyway


    Every song post UYI is like this, with a dull simplistic rhyme scheme.


    It's lazy as fuck


  2. Just now, gunsntortillas said:


    Unless Axl recorded those covers decades ago, the Hoffman post has to be fake. If it is real, it means Axl went to a studio and recorded vocals. Given that they are dropping singles with 20 year old vocal tracks, and going as far as to sample vocals off of other songs rather than have Axl record overdubs, that seems unlikely. 


    Unless the covers are actually live cuts or soundcheck cuts. Think live versions, with overdubs/fixes by Slash etc and audience sound removed.

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