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  1. Brb wearing a T-shirt and Jean shorts as a frontman of a rock band.


    He is a rock n roll front man, he is supposed to dress flamboyantly. If he wore the biker shorts to court or his own wedding, you'd have a point.

    How a rockstar can dress, while still looking like a rockstar but not like a faggot:





  2. Miser, you don't have to pretend you hate Axl to post here.

    Deep disappointment =/= hate. He's the laziest man in rock music, and he's been GNR's biggest gift and their biggest curse from day one. His lyricism and interesting personality helped push Guns from being more than a Sunset Strip band, and his talent helped encourage Slash and the others to go a step beyond and outside of their comfort zones. But he also was lazy, and made it so that we only got three proper albums from the real Guns in their ten years together. He also sullied the band name back in the 90s with all of the late starts, riots and so on, and with his nugnr crapfest; he's tarnished the brand and legacy, and yet without him, it wouldn't be there. But, he also admired Queen, worshipped them. Queen in their first few years put out six albums and around 70 original songs. GN'R in their first four years, because of Axl's laziness, put out 43 original songs.


    Axis voice was not on in 2006 or 2010. Sure maybe he would sound good on a song or two but he sounded like shit 99% of the time.

    People need to stop acting like Axl sound good, he has barely been passable since the 90s

    Then you must be tone deaf or you really think that an 40-50 something man can pull out his 20-30 voice so therefore you've got unrealistic expectations. Hvae you heard his 2002 Mickey voice? Which one is better? 2006 or 2002? 2010 or 2002?





  4. Back in 2006, Izzy said that he needed three weeks' rest from six weeks of touring with Axl. Almost a month of rest from a few low-pressure gigs with Axl's nobodies.

    Suddenly this same guy, ten years later and ten years older, is going to want to go on a high-stakes, possibly prolonged, possibly stadium-sized tour with the combined egos of Axl and Slash? A guy who was exhausted by minor touring ten years ago?

    You really don't think Axl would call up his buddy? He cut him in on the GN'R wedding gig. If Axl was being greedy, wouldn't the greedier option to have been just continue fucking off with nugnr and not have to split half the profit with Slash or Duff?

  5. Holy fucking strawmen. I prefer NuGNR to the original band?


    Yeah, maybe back when I thought they had a future I liked the idea of hearing CD2 over a nostalgia reunion tour. You really think I prefer the 2011-present trainwreck over the prospect of a reunion? My only qualms with the concept are the possibility that Izzy has been shafted. You might like to ignore the fucking over of the third most important member of the band, but as an actual fan who cares about more than ZOMGAXLANDSLASH, it bugs me.


    And yeah, I'm a fan of Kanye West. One of the most popular musicians/celebrities on the fucking planet. Does going to McDonalds make someone a hipster too?

    Dude, you're a CD fanboy. You always have been. You like underground shit. You think CD is this brilliant album....

    Izzy didn't even enjoy touring briefly in 2006. What makes you think he'd want to tour fulltime now, a decade later?


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