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  1. 32 minutes ago, RedHook said:

    If only all the rockers on the UYI albums could have sounded this good.


    I like most of TSI,

    I was listening to alot of old school punk in early 90s, and the Dead Boys song was always one of my favs.


    Aint It Fun was an obvious choice for GNR,

    too bad the single wasn't released during the AFD years, it would have been huge.




    TSI should have been a huge win.


    But the music world, and especially the punk community

    no longer took Axl seriously after selling his soul to top 40 radio with the UYIs


  2. 2 minutes ago, auad said:




    I agree with @Budd Dwyer, and I always said that around here.

    The best sound, timbres and mixes from Guns' short discography are on TSI.


    The big question is: WHY?

    What do you attribute this fact to? producer? studio? moment in time?


    The unique and indisputable fact is that the guitars and drums on this album sound spectacular and killer.


    The song recorded by Guns that sounds best of all is probably Ain't It Fun.



    Slash said he mastered it w/ George Marino 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Budd Dwyer said:

    Umm, maybe because (the obviously lazy approach aside) we haven't heard a proper rocker since the UYI's? Even then there were too many ballads and that's what made GNR a joke in the first place


    Fuck the whiny faggot ass ballads. That's what the last 30 years for ya

    Fuck that shit


    Then you've lost any right to complain, because people like YOU enabling them to being fat and shit, because you still give your money to GNR

    I'd say the rocker to ballad ratio was okay for UYI. You had 5 or 6 ballads. The rest were rock songs.

  4. Let's say they uploaded every single GN'R show available from 1987 to present monthly, for say, 9.99 a download at a minimum. That's a few hundred shows at 10 bucks a piece. Right there, with minimal effort in (restoration + uploading costs) they'd have a reoccurring source of income for at least a good few years to come. 


    On top of that, maybe every once in a while, do deluxe MP3/FLACs of "special" shows for example Ritz 1988 remastered audio with rehearsals that fans haven't heard. Charge extra.


    Do singular releases for each of the albums NO BOXSETS for example UYI 1 + remixed or remastered versions of the songs, polished demos, unheard tracks, outtakes, alt cuts = $100. Fans would buy that if say you managed to cobble together 10-30 extra tracks. Plus do something like the Stones do and have Axl and Slash nowadays finish a UYI demo and release it as a 'new' song. Like the Stones did for Exile with 'Plundered My Soul'.


    Not only that, but for a band that loves merch, why not re-release some geuninely fan favorite T-shirts EX UYI era t's? You could upsell these and hardcores would buy them if they're good re-prints, plus you'd be cutting into the market for the actual vintage t's which can get very expensive. The band wins by selling merch the fans actually want to buy, plus the band wins by selling merch that's popular to sell instead of toy trucks.


    Then you could do misc stuff like other bands do such as more posters (of say current and past lineups). EX large size poster of the UYI booklet "Dead" photo. Or do a coffee table book of photos of the band from 1985 to present. HQ scanned pix of live pix, and then rare/unseen and candid pix of the band in all different eras. Make it a coffee table book with lush pictures, charge a $60-100 a piece. People'd buy that.


    These are all simple ideas. Why do they seem so hard for GN'R?

  5. Considering:

    AFD was the biggest debut album of all time, and was on a popularity level not too far from the likes of MJ;


    YCBM as a tie-in single with the highest grossing film of the year (with a video with cameos from Arnold)


    A sold out, if controversial tour


    The massive hype awaiting the albums


    Why did the UYIs sell much, much less by comparison? They did 7 million a piece in the US, but considering all the above, why weren't they even bigger selling?

    Consider Metallica's self titled which was out a month earlier has been certified 16x Platinum in the US.

  6. 13 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

    Axl's transmogrification into a 60 year old lesbian aunt is just one of the strangest things to witness.  It's so unsettling.  Your brain just can't make sense of it.



    When you see him at certain angles, certain moments, you can tell he's the same guy, somehow.  That young Axl we all remember running around in biker shorts is still inside this weird, old, saggy version of him.   What in the name of fucking FUCK is that on his head though??  Miser, what the fuck is that?  If that's a wig....WHY?  Just wear a COOL wig.   If that's his actual hair......WHY???



    Some things man just wasn't meant to understand.


    It's basically this





  7. 20 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

    There's only one bad decision ever made by GNR, and that was the decision to let Axl make all the decisions.


    He single-handedly ruined the band's reputation and credibility for decades.


    It wasn't til about 20 years after "Appetite" came out that the mainstream suddenly decided GNR were "cool" again.  Hell, they got inducted into the RnR HOF by Billie Joe from Green Day, a guy that would have died of embarrassment ever being associated with GNR at the height of his own fame.  But enough time had passed that it was finally acceptable to admit that you actually liked AFD.


    Axl should have shut up and sang, period.  Slash and Duff should have never left in the first place.  No Buckethead or Chinese bullshit.  Just real GNR.


    Release a new album every 3-4 years and tour to support it like every other successful band has done for the last 30 years.  They didn't have to be life-changing....just release fucking albums.  Tour.  Be normal.





    I agree with all this, and I think you really summed a lot of it up better than probably everyone else here could've, but I will disagree with one point:

    I don't think it was ever necessarily "uncool" to like GN'R. Like to the extent of where say, it was like being an unironic fan of Elvis in the 2000s would've been. When I got into GN'R in 2002, they were uncool, but they weren't cool either. They were just irrelevant. I remember being in 6th grade when the VMAs in 2002 happened and I do not remember anyone talking about GN'R's performance, either negatively or positively. It was for at least people my age at the time just utterly irrelevant. It was some rock band.


    Maybe for a time around 1993-1996 or so, hating on GN'R was a cool thing, because the UYI tour drama and corniness was still so fresh. I don't know, I was small. I do know that rock fans who were older than you even actually viewed GN'R as corny after around 1993 just from the things I've been told, but I don't know that in the mainstream as a whole (meaning outside the rock/metal fanbase) they were ever exactly uncool to the point of where liking them would mark you as a loser.

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