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  1. 8 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

    Axl had to have had a hand in it, cause he snuck the Manson song he recorded with his gardener on it just like he did with "My World."



    I got TSI the day it was released and I was extremely disappointed.  I just felt deflated.  It was really short; half the album was fucking bloated ass Duff "singing"....and of course the fact that it was all covers.


    Over the years I'd definitely come to appreciate it, but at the time it was a real let down.   Oh, if only I'd known then that Axl would re-define the words "let down" over the next 3 decades....


    I liked TSI but there def was too much Duff. TSI is fun to me.

  2. 32 minutes ago, Doctor Dom said:

    I know we're all 2 HARD SKOOL these days but I've got to admit that he has come up with some great lyrics, but not anything of note (that I've heard) after the UYI albums.

    The lyrics and themes on the Chinese Democracy album certainly aren't anything to write home about.


    THIS IS LOVE has got to have the worst lyrics, even edging out crud like "Rocker" and "Back off Bitch"...he'll, I don't remember what they were exactly or if our Alex wrote them or not but even the Rapidfire lyrics read like poetry next to TIL.




    I think Axl had a lot of help lyrically for AFD & UYI's.

  3. 21 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:


    Considering Duff's vagina is just his inverted emptied nutsack, and Melissa is around 40 years old and no longer ovulates, tampons are not really necessary for any band members.


    But Playtex could develop a special bra for Slash's moobs, so that might be a better option.  (Pretty sure Melissa has the smallest cup size in the band.  No sure if she was actually born a woman.)


    Would you still fuck her?

    To Axl: Have you fucked her?

  4. 4 minutes ago, Mikey Whipwreck said:


    All the albums from AFD through TSI were produced by Clink and mastered by George Marino.


    The mixing was done by different people on AFD and Lies while both UYI and TSI were mixed by Bill Price.


    Always wondered why they went away from Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero after AFD. 

    Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero stopped working together for a time is why.

  5. And now I don’t know why

    she went and blew that guy

    perhaps it seems that Matt 

    had cum right in her eye


    Though it might not be wise

    I’ll still be the guy

    the one who watches Stephanie

    get fucked all night

    by other guys 


    And if this seems queer to thee,

    Love’s made a cuck of me

    @AxlisOldknows what I mean

     he can’t deny


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