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  1. 36 minutes ago, Doctor Dom said:

    Load in particular is a pretty strong album, if you took the couple of duds off of it and put the few strong numbers from Reload in their place that would be one hell of an album.

    Musically I think it's a natural progression from the Black album, and not "fake" at all.

    Appearance wise, yes what a cop out.

    I vividly remember opening up the booklet for the first time and laughing at the pictures.


    I don't blame them for "changing" with Black-Load, I think they were following their musical "hearts"...when they went back to METAL again it sounded forced and uninspired to me, at least Load etc sound genuine.






  2. 3 hours ago, Billy Ripper said:


    They made several statements in the 80s about not selling out, not playing ball with MTV, about remaining metal, not even making videos. Kinda funny that their first music video was made for their least commercial album. It's not as if they were doing badly before the 90s, they'd sold over a million albums and were the biggest extreme metal group in the world. The black album had enough metal to it not to lose all of their original fanbase (though many abandoned them) but the trendhopping load/reload albums were a total 180 and saw them becoming everything they'd publicly stood against in the eyes of their original fans. 


    Load changed too much too soon


    -Looks (not just the haircut but the band also dressing like alt rockers)

    -Playing Lollapalooza in 1996

    -Even changing the logo


    Those are a shit ton of changes for just one record. Arguably the older school fans could’ve been on board for one, or two tops. It seems almost like they were deliberately trying to shed their own fan base. My sister who’d been a fan since 86 or so jumped off with Load. 

  3. 16 minutes ago, Billy Ripper said:


    Civil War is one, I'll go over them and get back to you. That's one of like two where he's playing close to appetite levels though.


    According to the liner notes he’s not on civil war 


    credits as written:


    Drums: Steven Adler

    Bass: Duff

    Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitar: Slash

    Vocals: Axl

    Piano: Dizzy Reed

    Background Vocals: Duff, Dizzy

  4. Johann Langlie is someone not often discussed by GNR fans, but he was arguably very instrumental to the sound - for better or worse - of the Use Your Illusion records.


    Johann is credited as follows


    Live and Let Die (synths)

    November Rain (synths)

    Garden of Eden (synths; all those lovely slurp sounds and other effects)

    Coma (sound effects; synths)

    My World (drums, keyboards, sound effects)


    It seems he was a prototype for the Chris Pitman/Melissa Reese role. He seems sort of overlooked in GNR history.

  5. Don't really have favorite songs. I like pretty much the entirety of UYI I w/ the exception of Dead Horse & Bad Apples, AFD with the exception of Anything Goes. As far as songs, I just tend to gravitate to any off those two albums. I also really like Nice Boys, Mama Kin, a few songs off TSI, OMG, HS.

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