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  1. Him and Wolfgang have been preparing for this tour. Preparing by seeing who gains the most weight for the tour.
  2. That GNR money he got not to release his book must be paying well enough for him to sell a 3 mil house and upgrade.
  3. Out now! http://fatcast.fireside.fm/4 episode 3 featuring @EstrangedTWAT @Wilco @Broskirose and @Angmfg
  4. Guys, episode 2 with none other than the Mississippi playboy himself @axlrosefan4life aka Rick Dunsford. http://fataxl.online/@fatcastwithbillbrasky/episodes/an-interview-with-ricky-d
  5. Coming soon. Stay tuned..........
  6. Long story short, a guy came on discord saying he was at the show. @Bill Brasky told the guy to ask Ron to play State Of Grace, then Ron stormed off, came back on and finished the show and cancelled his whole tour.
  7. According to my sources, a huge GNR fan with the call of @Bill Brasky called for Bumblefoot to play the following songs "Atlas Shrugged" and "State Of Grace". Bumblefoot allegedly stormed off, but then came back 20 mins later. He has since cancelled his no sellout bowling alley tour. So in theory, @Bill Brasky cancelled the most embarrassing solo tour of any ex GNR member.
  8. Axl is so fat, he got an instagram account dedicated to his fatness. http://www.instagram.com/axl_fat_rose_/?igshid=19e1e0li3kyxy
  9. 2016 show, but it's gonna be shit
  10. Bucharest 2010 is easily in GNR's top 10 best shows of all time.
  11. Both shows have been around forever.
  12. Ok Bill, lets say touring goes ahead in August, will we have a great fall 2021? as in the album being released if their plans are not cut short.
  13. It's because he has turned into a spineless pussy that lets his wife run his life, his gay woke shit, and the fact that he dressed up as a gimp.
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