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  1. I'm inducting you into the GNFNR Shitposting Hall of Fame. 


    May your Fat Axl Jokes and general shitlord presence live on in infamy. 



    1. my name is bacdi

      my name is bacdi

      Shitposting HOF thread when

  2. We will miss you brother. Save a beer for me in heaven. 

    1. EstrangedTWAT


      His name was Philip K. Dickhead.


      His name was Philip K. Dickhead.


      His name was Philip K. Dickhead.

    2. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      R.I.P my fellow fat axl lover ❤️

  3. Oh fuck off @Bill Brasky. I'd tell you to take a hard look at yourself...sadly there are few mirrors in the world large enough to accommodate your obesity. Get fucked.
  4. Morbidly obese waste of atoms white-knights for Miser again. Brilliant existence you have, there.
  5. Health problems returned. Doubt I'll be back. Thanks for the laughs, all. Take care.

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    2. John Bonham

      John Bonham

      RIP Tom, we’ll all miss you ? 

    3. Philip K. Dickhead

      Philip K. Dickhead

      Thank you. @Bill Brasky grandstanding? Tom was trying to say goodbye to you all. What the fuck is your problem? - Jenelle (Tom's girl)

    4. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      I handled the situation wrong.

      My apologies. 

  6. Beta has to be regarded as a huge joke within the music business. She has Irving Azoff's greed, Doc McGhee's body fat and none of their acumen.
  7. I assumed anyone who isn't on the spectrum avoids Miser like the plague.
  8. Well I'm a Walmart struttin', one fat mother Got a paunchy man's girdle under my arms Said I'm a feed machine, been drinkin' Dairy Queen An' Beta you can make my scooter hum I got five chins left, I'm a nine tons fat I got a hog eat hog sly smile I got a chocolate fudge cocktail with some snacks to go I clog my shitter up with piles
  9. Opinions like this do little to dispel the belief that all Guns N' Roses fans were born with down syndrome.
  10. I'll refer back to the scriptures of MacDaddyRose... A piece of turd with "Axl and Slash" is still a piece of turd. Anyone who thinks this pile of crap is acceptable after a 13 year wait for "new" music is too starved for GNR material and too ignorant of other music out there. You should demand more from your entertainment.
  11. Cool, have they got a song which is actually good in the works?
  12. Rick Dunsford lives inside this obese piece of slop's head. All is right with the world.
  13. Divine guitarer FRANK RICHARDS saves GNR yet again!
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