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  1. Fuck yes! This is great. Cheers Brasky
  2. With your fat gut slappin' and your crumbcake tongue

    You get nuthin' done

    I said yooooouuuuuu could be faaaaaaaaaa-yyyy-aaaaattt

  3. Okay, let's get this Axl in the gym please, we're losing him (start a diet please) Come on, his manboobs, someone's got to protect his manboobs, I want two Where's the defatinator?
  4. You can't suck Axl's fat stubby cock with that mask on your face, hon. Also, is Melissa 3 feet tall? She looks it in that photo.
  5. I picture the Lebeis family throwing a few more pills into Axl's enchiladas so he can pass out and they can all huddle around a laptop laughing their peasant asses off over Dustin's vids. "We make a living off a guy who sounds exactly like this!"
  6. GNR are on the take

    But what do you expect for the money we make?

    1. RedHook


      I heard they spend it all on food so that Fat Axl eats every 30 minutes.

      This is what TB manages.

      Constant meal preparations.

  7. Axl's protective Van Allen belts of radioactive fat make him the favorite, for sure. Salsh's prize winnings are instantly divided among Perla's lawyers so he lacks the hunger to win (see: Axl). Doof's new vagina is like the Eye of Sauron; even Hillary's was more forgiving. Melissa can fly around the screen using her hair as a propeller like Dixie Kong, only less attractive. Fortus can impale his opponent from the other side of the screen using only his nose. And Frank strangles his enemies with his homeless guy beanie. Goblin Cock makes a cameo as Sub-Zero (an obvious reference to his talent)
  8. Salsh is basically OJ without the athleticism or country club memberships. Cold-blooded prick that he is.
  9. I didn't even have to shop this one. How appropriate.
  10. Ayyyyyyyyy! Back and more rotund than ever.

  11. 200 shitty covers no one asked for played 1,500 hours of Knockin' On Shit's door 0 decent performances from our fat, shit frontblob 1 gender reassignment
  12. Who pulled the Miser death hoax? Do they still have the use of their legs? I fucking hope not.

    1. Frank Drebin
    2. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      what if this whole thing was just a bad dream and the 'hoax' is downzy

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