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  1. The typical tell is a persons ears But Axl’s had a shitload of Botox and fillers
  2. I was just shitposting. Simpsons is legendary, I prefer Futurama, but totally get someone who'd say Simpsons. I like how everyone gets deathly serious when Simpsons is brought up.
  3. Futurama > Simpsons Sorry boomers
  4. Please no racial or slurs of any kind They’re almost as bad as Misers singing
  5. No no no this is all wrong You get ET a hooker and then have the hooker on the show. duh.
  6. Speed controls, time scrubber, fast forward! Brasky delivers! A man of the people!
  7. Axl was living the life. Beta is a parasite.
  8. Nice milkie. I look forward to putting the podcast in my mouth... I mean ears.
  9. Oh so it’s a troll…. Funny actually wasn’t Tom grant the name of that PI?
  10. Get a VPN $5 a month for a decent one like Mullvad But probably don’t because who gives a shit about nirvana almost as bad as a dead hair metal band
  11. “The guys are just as excited to make buckets full of money as they were when their money-bucket making ability was at its peak” Oh I know lol just pointing out the absurdity
  12. So just Hard School then? lol
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