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  1. Atlas like Catcher sounds like Axl didn't care until 1/2 way through the song. Also it's lyrics are horrid. The "from what you've known, what you've shown" sections sound like someone bullshitting on the spot.
  2. It means making a quick and aggressive drive towards the basket for a dunk or lay-up shot so that you catch the opposing team unaware on defense. You could also draw a foul if your shot is unsuccessful because of the aforementioned unawareness.
  3. Rick has the charisma of a black hole
  4. Who cares about Guns N Roses? Yeah Brando is a giant pussy but I’m listening to this podcast for stories about people’s drug addictions and illicit sexual lives.
  5. How many bananas do I have to give Tom Zutaut?
  6. When is Ep 2 being posted @Bill Brasky
  7. Fake GNR House of Blues 2001 Rock in Rio 2001 Leeds 2002 even though the boot sucks Boston 2002 Madison Square Garden 2002 Hammerstein Ballroom 2006 Acoustic NYC 2006 Spain 2006 Rock Am Ring 2006 Download 2006 Gibson Amp 2006 Japan 2007
  8. By design. Keep them talking about Michael Jackson, don’t go after the actual pedos. Typical distraction technique.
  9. The only things I have questions on is (1) money/power, i.e. it can easily silence others (2) his associations with Chris Tucker who was on the Lolita Express with Epstein and (3) the alarm in his bedroom. The above are conjecture and you can explain away the other two but it's just my honest feelings on the matter. But Leaving Neverland is full of provable lies, none of the accusers are credible, pedophiles are prolific abusers and MJ didn't fit the mold.
  10. What I was getting at is I don't really care for Perfect Crime. Garden of Eden I like better but neither would be my go-to template for song-making. I agree there but Hard School's intro and outro are pretty awesome, unlike the excesses of Riad, Scraped, and so on. And if they're removing Freese, they'll have to remove the intros, etc. anyway. Frank attempting half of the stuff there? lulz
  11. Yeah but none of those songs are as good as the AFD songs. And Axl is scream rant singing his way through them, so they're naturally shorter. It could work, I guess, but at the end of the day, who cares? None of this will ever happen. Laziest Band in the World.
  12. I'm all for short and sweet but that's way too short. AFD tracks weren't any shorter than 3.5. Release "radio" cuts if you wilt but release longer versions for us people who like nice things.
  13. imo, Perhaps and the Oklahoma instrumental are most marketable material. Hard School is a killer song ruined by Axl's cringe lyrics. And yes, it's past time to release them on the internet.
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