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  1. Hey, Slash, do you think the moon is made out of spare ribs?
  2. You didn’t even talk about the matrix or simulation theory I was lied to
  3. I was at GNR in 2021. Axl sounded good. The soundboards sucked.
  4. If I put in “hard sk” or “hard sc” or “hard sch” or “hard schoo” then SOYL shows up 2nd no GNR page if I put in “hard sko” then SOYL shows up 1st and GNR page shows up as well “hard skool” = GNR page first, SOYL second ”hard school” = SOYL first only
  5. The only other thing I can guess is HARD SKO sHA-D-O so drop the R and K and swap the S and you almost have shadow it might be algorithmic fuckery
  6. Absurd has been released. I’m sure alt titles are the norm somewhat Point is no other unreleased GNR song brings you to GNR. Only hard skool
  7. Yeah this is possible, due to their search engine algorithm. Who knows. but no other GNR song brings you to GNR ie Atlas Shrugged etc
  8. why would “hard” or “skool” bring you to Guns N’ Roses? they have no other songs with either of those words in the title i don’t think either of those words even appear as lyrics in any GNR song
  9. lol how so? It absolutely means something
  10. that’s usually the case. Only ugly people understand life and art.
  11. It's still real to me, dammit!
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