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  1. Welp. Looks like Broski is gonna go ape on Mojo.
  2. Sad times. I like listening to you guys. I listened up until about an hour ago. @EstrangedTWAT get off the ambien my friend jesus christ
  3. I was playing games with family and hoping to catch the ending
  4. My my I would be appreciative if someone could talk to me about Link from the legend of zelda
  5. @Bill Brasky “do you think any band member gets COVID and dies?” one can only hope.
  6. Peak raw was 1988 but I'd say probably 1993. Everyone was so good, they were basically on autopilot. 1991 and 1992 were too sloppy, coked out, and hit-or-miss. I haven't watched a ton of live stuff but this is my off the cuff opinion.
  7. Maybe this is on the shitty ep? But I don’t care. I take this about as seriously as what politicians say.
  8. Yeah I know what’s your point? Braskalaska said November release and Perhaps is perhaps lead single. I would say November 10 because of the cover but that’s not Rex Manning Day.
  9. November release? Ill believe it when I see it but it would be cool
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