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  1. I thought The Blues was Axl crying over Stephanie and it has been said that Sorry is actually an attack towards Slash and not limited to him. Axl made it through the verses pretty well though. Since Dec 2011, it has all been mostly shit, for me his old voice died after Nov 2011.
  2. What if he tries to gradually bury the whole album? Only two songs are left now. He could manage Sorry pretty well, but even that was gone in 2018, let alone half the album(Shacklers, The Blues, ITW, I.R.S, Riad and Scraped) gone by 2013.
  3. Can anyone tell me what song is the one supposedly from Coldplay? Also I would love to hear some Queen shit from that dude
  4. They will drop CD and Better as well and replace them w covers
  5. This I Love from Fatload 2018 was the gold standard of shit. The first chorus alone takes the cake instead of Berlin
  6. In my opinion, he sounded pretty good in early 2010 and he got fat again in 2011. That ridiculous clothing made him look fat in 2010
  7. Having watched some 2006 shows every now and then, I don't believe he was the best there since 1993. Yes, RAR is one of the exceptions, but mostly he was basically 2002 on steroids
  8. Attempted to draw this fat granny a night before. This is based on a screenshot of The Blues from Rio 2001. Not fat enough, I guess
  9. I believe his grandma died in late 2018. Matt even posted about her death. His parents are alive and well at about 88, though + they started the family at a relatively young age, since Matt is the youngest of the three brothers.
  10. Steven and Izzy are a tie for me. Steven still has genuine love towards his old band and Izzy is just doing what he believes is right(staying true to himself) and didn't bow down for dimes. Funny how Mojo tries to discredit Steven for being a whiny and ungrateful drug addict, while turning a blind eye to the fat three simply being there for the fat gravy train.
  11. Much more fun would be an occasion, where different opinions can be discussed/challenged. Yes, Axl is a fat, shit and disgusting fat fuck, but it would probably wear out if all opinions were the same. The person actually acknowledges Axl being a fat and shit slob, but personally I wouldn't deny them a chance to debate w us here
  12. The Rio 2001 one w clean voice sounded dramatic, but still good. I have always liked the higher octave shit, save for those Mickey ones. Rock Am Ring 2006 was great for example
  13. He started oversinging that spot back in 2001 and it grew more aggressive in 2006, when he got his voice back. I wonder why this still hasn't been a thing to discuss after 20 years
  14. Some nutswinger's copy-paste, right?😄
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