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  1. Everything hoarded gets leaked Mojogate and axlgate goes viral Everyone realizes the band sucks Casuals stop buying toy trucks and gnr bongs Axl goes on hibernation and we never know anything about him ever again
  2. Thank you gun s rosa by take care fans Now play scom
  3. Since 2016 the perfect plan was as easy as releasing every leftover and cd era shit in a boxset and then recording a new album from scratch with duff and slash But here we are
  4. Every move this band makes, makes their fanbase look even more severely retarded
  5. I know it's fake but i wish it were real so people would realize how much this band sucks and it finally dies
  6. The moment we found out frank got rid of the snare crescendo we should have known the song was going to be shit
  7. Double album, each one with a deluxe edition that includes CDII songs
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