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  1. Yeah but look at the clothes he's wearing. They're hanging on him. They're loose. You're also taking pictures of him screaming. When I try to look at someone's weight or what they looked like I try to find a neutral expression, and a straight up posiiton, ideally with their sides facing the camera. I just don't know how you could look at those photos and say that's a fat person, unless you're judging for the Miss America Beauty Pageant.
  2. Fact of the matter is that Axl was underweight for someone of his age in the AFD-UYI era. In person he'd look tiny. He had muscle, but he still was a low weight for a guy of his height. He was basically a scrawny almost anorexic guy with big turkey legs. 2006 and 2010 are like...normal guy weights for someone of his height. They're just not the STARVING ARTIST rockstar look.
  3. How on Earth is that fat to you? That maybe isn't "rockstar thin" like he was in the 90s or like Mick Jagger or whatever...But I don't see fat. I see a typical middle aged guy there. Like, Axl is easily morbidly obese now. But to say he's fat there, it's like, what's the rubric? He doesn't look all that far from his build in 2006, but that's praised as being amazing shape.
  4. He wasn't at all fat in 2010. He was bigger than the UYI era, but here's 2010: And while he was fat to a degree in 2016, he wasn't anywhere near the whale he is now.
  5. If that's the case though, why didn't singing as he did as consistently as he did irreparably fuck up his voice though? Like, he was still able to sing with full throated rasp in 2009 and 2010 after giving it his all in 2006 as well. I just feel like yeah, a part of it is age, a part of it is damage but the bulk of it is that it's just TOO HARD for him to sing like that, and he's lazy, and he doesn't take any steps to make it easier (cardio, home practice, getting in shape, doing more rehearsals, vocal coaching). Just imagine say if he lost 60-80lbs, a healthy 60-80lb loss, worked on his breathing and lung capacity and stamina, sang several times a day, did proper warm ups and vocal exercise before rehearsals and worked with a dedicated vocal coach daily, and attended more rehearsals than he likely does - you telling me, he does all that he couldn't sing at a reasonably good level consistently?
  6. Why? to the bolded. Just curious. I ask because for a lot of bands, at least the ones I like, live performances of songs tend to be interesting or even better than the studio versions.
  7. I guess I'm kinda video phile but basically....For those who are unaware, there is a big difference between film and video. With film there's really not necessarily an upper limit as to picture quality. If you shoot a video on 35mm it can look really amazing on even 8K. There's also, potentially, more room for wide screen video/aspect ratios on 35mm. You could just trim a little off the top and bottom or it can be natively shot at a higher aspect ratio. There's no up-scaling necessarily needed to get utterly amazing picture quality even from very old films. During the UYI tour, GNR had cameras constantly rolling. But with the exception of some stuff in the 80s, and the warm up gigs in May 1991, which were shot on film, all of the UYI footage was shot on videotape. Videotape not only is very limited in quality, but since it was the early 1990s, it was SD video. That is capped to a certain level of picture quality, and also unavoidably capped at 4:3. With the way they framed their gigs you couldn't cut off the top of the screen to make it widescreen without cutting Matt or Axl out of the picture. The picture quality of any GN'R official release minus those 1991 warm ups will never far exceed what you see here: This on the other hand is an example of a GN'R video shot on film: It just sucks that a lot of those amazing concerts, we'll never get them in the picture quality they could easily have been if GN'R weren't so cheap even back then. Film was more expensive than tape, so they went for the cheaper - but shittier - option.
  8. Yeah, I mean if you compare his voice on Anxious Disease or SCOM 99 or Live Era it just sounds utterly different to anything on AFD throughh TSI. To be honest, I notice a strained sound or a "thinning" to his voice on some songs during 1993. He has more control and power over his vocals but I feel like some of those notes - they sound like they HURT. I remember you from the old days, you're smart and you're interesting and reasonable....What do you think happened to his voice? I'm asking because you look at say, Steven Tyler...He's always sung in a similar style, not the same but similar, and he can still sing. Plant's voice had damage to it to the point that by 1973 he sounded raspy and got surgery which limited his range, but even still - he doesn't sound anywhere as bad as Axl does now. In your considered opinion, what's been up with his vocals since 93 or so? Like, listen to just...it seems strained, painful, here. It sounds great, but it just sounds like a shard of glass was jammed in his vocals. In control, but weaker than what was even a year prior Like, compare it to the less restrained, but more powerful voice here: There's a deep baritone quality, a smokey sort of baritone gorwl, which was always part of his rasp (Like on Lies) but in 1993 and onward the rasp just got higher and higher pitched and "thinner" in sound...You go from that song in 1993 to Live Era in 1999 and it's like a natural progression in a sense.
  9. LMFAO. "Linda came into the picture and I said 'this is unnatural, you know, I just never been into any of that stuff, you know, women and all that stuff - that doesn't work for me. I almost fell on my knees and started throwing up right there. And then somethin' told me to cum, and he said 'don't cum, you don't need to cum.' And I said 'what do you mean, don't cum?' It's what I wanted to do." "Vince came in, and he couldn't even walk right, and he said I'm not doing any more of this." Jesus Christ.
  10. I think it's more like: The fag. The fag is what he is. The little puppy following him around is deluding himself into thinking he's not, but he's a bigger cocksucker than the actual fag could ever be.
  11. I humbly and most graciously thank you for your permission, Pops. I'm sorry that you feel so deluded as to think you have any power here...But I thank you nonetheless. It heartens me. Tell the wife and her boss I said hello.
  12. Lol stalker fuck. Do you want to continue to derail this thread with the neverending slap fights, or what?
  13. You're the one acting like you've got any say in the matter. I'm looking. I know I wear glasses, so forgive me, but I do not see the word "Admin" or "Moderator" near your name, yet you seem to view yourself as having those powers or that level of influence. Yes, we know you've been here the whole time. Unfortunately. Someone posted a topic, I posted in it. The OP didn't complain, but your obsession and fixation with me compelled you to get into words with me, as you always do. You will not let certain things go, and you cannot admit that it's out of an obsessive hatred that you do so. It's also to keep your wife happy and get sex. It's probably the only time you get laid. Tonight is peg night I believe? Or is tonight when Tyrone comes over and you sit in the corner? Or is tonight the night her Boss comes by for his weekly BJ to keep her employed? I get it so mixed up sometimes, my little canine friend. Please, help me here. But either way, rest assured, my little puppy. I'm sticking around. I'll make sure to post in as many threads as possible, and I'm sure you'll be right there, right behind every word I say, fighting the good fight on other's behalves like Robin Hood and raising your fist at the sky at how unfair it all is that I'm allowed post. And I'll keep on posting, just to annoy you. And on and on this dance will go.
  14. Who's the bigger fag? The fag or the one who consistently follows him around? You're like my little puppy. Wherever I go, you're not far behind, always with something to say. You're a good little dog. Good little doggie.
  15. If he lost weight, or released music, or sang well live, we wouldn't have to discuss him being a blob. This is a problem that Lardass brought on himself.
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