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  1. EstrangedtlTWAT I hear the opening to 'just because' in the vid in the link!
  2. Indicating the two useless hired guns had thunder to bring..... Hahahahahaha
  3. Man it's obvious, his final form will be Pizza the hutt from space balls!
  4. If he did come on here.. Imagine the fkn abuse he'd get, I'd almost pay money to see it... Almost
  5. I still find it hard to believe they were going to release that remix album! Actually release it
  6. It's gnr.... That actually makes sense..... Its gnr!
  7. That sounds like the kinda 'shit' that would drive him to release the album Pun intended!
  8. Or in Ireland, the guns VIP meant getting to the gig five hours before everyone else, getting pissed rain on for four hours, with no shelter and nothing opened.... It was fkn great...I swear
  9. Isn't there a rumour that one of the hoarders has this with vocals?
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