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  1. Her tits are almost as big as slashs
  2. Sammy hagar is 74 and has never looked or sounded as bad as Axl Rose. Tired of the age excuse. If you take care of yourself and your voice, you see better results.
  3. Slash and Duff Quit He hires Bucket and Tommy back He gets braided wig mark 3.0 He is fatter than ever Releases Chinese democracy 2 in 2028 Has a massive heart attack mid "hard skoo" on stage
  4. Probably too taxing to do 30 songs like that. I get it, but he clearly has some sort of ability left. I'm not expecting vintage 1991 performances, but some happy medium would be nice. Obviously you're gonna damage your vocal chords singing like that for three hours every week. The warmup and recovery time from it is probably too much effort, and his voice hasn't deterred people from buying tickets.
  5. I live here in NYC where I really can't commute a day without seeing some teeny bopper or young kid with a GNR t shirt, so my new favorite thing is to ask them how they liked "Hard Skool." The responses are as expected
  6. He usually sounds pretty good on Nightrain; in Baltimore it was one of the stronger songs in the set vocally. I don't know if it's an effort thing or what
  7. He usually sounds pretty good on Nightrain; in Baltimore it was one of the stronger songs in the set vocally. I don't know if it's an effort thing or what
  8. I'd like him to get a call from Angus so I can make a BACK IN FAT meme
  9. I agree. Honestly, 3 hours was painful, largely due to the fact most of the songs were long with extended solos and sounded bad vocally. Axl had his moments where he could give it a little extra, Jungle and Nightrain were good examples. Sweet Child is just a song that's gonna be mickey any way you slice it. Too many long songs; estranged, civil war, November rain, coma... the solos turn Rocket Queen and Kohd into 10 minute songs, too. Watching crowd reaction; nobody cares about Chinese dem songs, nobody cares about slither, nobody cares about duff doing a solo spot. Wichita lineman and seeker were pretty poorly received. Nobody really cared about shadow, absurd or hard skool. Honestly, as much as some die hards love it, nobody cares about Coma. You can trim an hour between those songs and most of the paying fans wouldn't notice or care.
  10. Should add look at your game girl to the set, and further cuck slash by adding sympathy for the devil
  11. I agree on all but locomotive, that was a train wreck. Slither should be a pretty easy one. I don't know why he goes falsetto on that song.
  12. I could never do lip synch shows. I can listen to it on my phone for that. Part of the appeal of live music is the imperfections, but we're beyond imperfections here. I don't think there is a happy medium. Lip synching would suck, just as mickey sucks. I think the best they can do is alter, trim and pace the setlist a little better to limit the mickeyness. They pace it good out of the gate, but then slither hits and its a disaster.
  13. That's the main issue; Bon Jovi sucks, but he still sounds like Jon Bon Jovi. Vince Neil sucks, but those every third word he manages to wheeze out still sounds like Vince Neil. Axl sounds like Mickey Mouse. Not a joke, not making fun. He sounds like the voice of mickey mouse through 75% or more of the set, especially when out of his normal register. I think that's why they start with some easier songs like Easy, Brownstone, CD, that sound passable off the bat.
  14. I think they need to drop some stuff that just sounds awful; slither, coma, most of the Chinese tracks.
  15. I just don't think he has it anymore. Hard to sing like you did at 25 at 60 years old. I thought it was like 45% good in Baltimore, which is about what you're gonna have to settle for at this point.
  16. I went to Baltimore show on Sunday; as one of their biggest critics, the best compliment I have was that the show was okay based off of the $24 I paid on tickpick. I feel bad for anyone who paid some insane ticket price to see that shit. At a bargain, with nothing to do on the evening... ok. Actually planning to go to this and spending a large chunk of your weekly wages, a bit of a disgrace. At least Axl was nice enough to let me take a picture after the show. Swell guy.
  17. Oh I agree. The band had been a joke for going on 30 years. Unfortunately; being in business, I can't call a tour that has generated over half a billion dollars in revenue and counting a "bad decision." If you told me to stand up there and squeak out 30 songs a night for that kind of money, I'm doing it with a smile on my face.
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