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  1. Bowling for soup has some big fat guys in it too. Make Jabbapalooza happen
  2. Has to be a record for the fattest rock show. They should get blues traveler, ann Wilson and motley crue too. Make it a big fat fest
  3. Only thing I took from this is that Faxl is self aware that he stinks
  4. Axl just hired wolf so he is the second fattest on stage every night
  5. At least wvh is a fat guy who can sing. I'll give him that.
  6. Maybe wheezing out a VH tribute song. I can only see a new cover song, nothing else.
  7. Myles. PC is one of Fat Axl mickiest shitpile songs for years now. Myles isn't great, but Axl sounds like a fat dying grandmother. Hearing a fat man say "buy me something to eat" is worth a chuckle though.
  8. Sadly better than the real thing
  9. Can we make our own crypto called FATCOIN with fat axl on it?
  10. Wasn't a good fit in the band, but he was always cool with the fans. Hard to shit on him too much.
  11. I'm convinced it's W. Axl Rose
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