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  1. Too bad, that's the one I'd pay for
  2. it is real. the yearbook is online for whoever wants to see it
  3. Or Steven's bad back. Either way, I rather they shorten the shows with the current band anyways. Maybe Axl wont be as shit
  4. I'd like to nominate Towel @GNR FAMMER for Most Improved Poster. Went from a 2k posts in under 3 weeks troll to posting like an actual human being and somehow being one the the most based people currently around. 2020 really has been strange
  5. I was listening to Locomotive from Wichita and noticed Axl sings "Love's so school" during the outro (7:14) Is this a reference to Hardschool? This was the show Rick "axlrosefan4life" Dunsford got banned from. Did Axl "rickdunsfordhater4life" Rose play a deep cut that we all have been asking for years for the first time in 27 years to despise Rick? Everyone thank Rick for getting us Locomotive. Thank you Rick
  6. Up the mighty Spurs @Tottenham Hotspur
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