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  1. I considered buying a ticket because of the IVAucher discount, but fuck that. Waste of time
  2. It's actually worse than Absurd. Axl's echo on the verse sounds like he's singing from a bathroom. Why do I bother with this shit?
  3. There's a Theme option on the bottom left of the page
  4. Public acknowledgment of a new album following the single(s)
  5. Meegan said they recorded the video yesterday. So I guess the music video will be concert footage from the past two shows
  6. ffs fucking losers Anyway here's Absurd from yesterday. Axl sounds less froggy singing it I noticed that Fortus played the very last solo yesterday whilst Slash played it in Boston
  7. Meegan said they did the video tonight
  8. I heard borki also went. They are probably making out by now
  9. Be content its a one word title. Otherwise it would have a Fkn´ somewhere in the middle
  10. http://music.apple.com/us/album/absuяd-single/1579986350
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