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  1. Maybe Ginger will play some bowling alleys with Cashba to warm up. I'm game.
  2. Fucking Nirvana at No 2. That's a whole shitload of bedwetting manchildren moping around with their hair in their faces.
  3. Any takes on what Fattys gonna look/sound like? Has he been on the treadmill? Pudding bowl haircut? Corn rows mark 3? Worked with a vocal coach?
  4. Au contraire, mon frere, shit is exactly what they've got. Huge, steaming piles of it!
  5. Considering obesity is one of the major FauciChingVirus fatality factors its a shame ginger fatty didn't do the job for Covid so we could get some vault music out of the Brazilians.
  6. The email I got has a flier/artwork that looks like a retarded kid took five mins to do it. It says "our tour" with no suggestion as to what you'll be getting. They're pathetic. Imagine any other band pulling this kinda shit.
  7. I would go for the car crash. I'd start drinking at 12, get round the bars, turn up at the show cunted, and at the first sign of Fat and Shit I would heckle and boo mercilessly and get a Mickey Mouse chant going.
  8. Who doesn't? Loads of band and artists do because they've actually released so many records for decades they couldn't fit all their hits into one show. It's Ginger's fault his catalogue is so pathetically small.
  9. I've literally had the covers of Shotgun Blues and I'm With You stuck in my head at work the last two days, and not in a bad way. People keep asking what i'm smiling about. Then I saw THAT shit and it's literally worse to listen to than the fucking pastiche. That's supposed to be a chorus?! And when he does the higher lines. That "performance" is one of the biggest pieces of shit i've ever seen him do. If that was karaoke in my local, besides everyone not knowing what the pieces of shit song was, they would be bottled off stage. And all the long wide-shots to disguise the fact he can't see his
  10. Someone recorded Slash's IEM a few years ago and there was zero Axl in it.
  11. Listen to that godawful shit back to back with Shotgun Blues. I'm convinced it's Axl making thee "fake" covers. Seriously though, how can he hear himself in his monitors crystal clear and not be humiliated? I mean what we're hearing on that video is BETTER than what he's hearing because it's at least blasted through a PA and mudied in the mix.
  12. Oh my god that Shotgun Blues. I've been miserable the last weeks and these Fat covers have brought genuinely joy to my soul.
  13. I don't know which thread this is supposed to be in but this is the best one yet. I was literally, actually laughing out loud for 3 minutes straight.
  14. One thing fat lad is right about is that the RRHOF is a crock and the fact that Foo Fighters are going in before Maiden....just the fact Maiden aren't in....makes the entire Hall about as legitimate as a wank in a sock.
  15. Clearly up until Axl/DC it was a choice. That was 5 years ago. He's OLD now. With the best coaches and help in the world he might possibly be able to pull of a decent show or 3 before he'd be fucked. His top end is gone. When was the last time he didn't sound a like a crackling mess screaming Better? 2017?
  16. He was shit in 2012 until doing the whole Philly show raspy as fuck to say sorry for 2002. I fucking spat me brew out.
  17. There's a new DNB cover of Slither on YT and to begin with, because it just pushed up and I was reading the comments I thought it was like an IEM or something. Too close to the fat bone aha
  18. That run of songs - Who Is It, Give In To Me and Will You Be There - is just genius. And Slash's solo is better than everything he's ever done outside Guns. And the video is great.
  19. The original kids react series were genuine and pretty cool to see their minds blown at certain things. I also like vocal coaches marking out for Axl and Dickinson doing crazy shit and explaining the technique and demonstrating how Bruce has modified his technique to still sing 40 year old shit. And I did find this really young musician legit listening to deep Guns cuts for the first time and blowing his load to the Locomotive outro. It made me feel fresh to me again. And also Twat where he's not aware of all the lineup politics and he just appreciates the music and vocals.
  20. London was sick when he sang Sailing. Incidentally I went on the Gyna for the first time this year whilst the board was down and saw that Ferburto said he'd look into getting that put up.
  21. That's interesting. Because Baz described General as having the highest, piercing, screaming vocals he'd ever heard Ratty sing. And that fits.
  22. Is this true? Fat, spotty AND Noob tranz? Probably a play to get comp tix from tranz Duff and sit in the special fat tranz box.
  23. You get the audience you deserve. I've gotta say the European audiences in 2006-2010 in arenas were really decent. By that point they were decent sized crowds who knew what they were getting i.e. cover band and lots of Chinese. People wanted to hear and enjoyed the newer shit. TIL always got a huge pop after the first chorus. If he'd started on time there was enough good will for a new album. But he shit the bed instead. Now probably the majority of those people got bored after the first year of Reunion bollocks and it's all fat, casual trannies who look confused when they play Locomotive.
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