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  1. There's a new DNB cover of Slither on YT and to begin with, because it just pushed up and I was reading the comments I thought it was like an IEM or something. Too close to the fat bone aha
  2. That run of songs - Who Is It, Give In To Me and Will You Be There - is just genius. And Slash's solo is better than everything he's ever done outside Guns. And the video is great.
  3. The original kids react series were genuine and pretty cool to see their minds blown at certain things. I also like vocal coaches marking out for Axl and Dickinson doing crazy shit and explaining the technique and demonstrating how Bruce has modified his technique to still sing 40 year old shit. And I did find this really young musician legit listening to deep Guns cuts for the first time and blowing his load to the Locomotive outro. It made me feel fresh to me again. And also Twat where he's not aware of all the lineup politics and he just appreciates the music and vocals.
  4. London was sick when he sang Sailing. Incidentally I went on the Gyna for the first time this year whilst the board was down and saw that Ferburto said he'd look into getting that put up.
  5. That's interesting. Because Baz described General as having the highest, piercing, screaming vocals he'd ever heard Ratty sing. And that fits.
  6. Is this true? Fat, spotty AND Noob tranz? Probably a play to get comp tix from tranz Duff and sit in the special fat tranz box.
  7. You get the audience you deserve. I've gotta say the European audiences in 2006-2010 in arenas were really decent. By that point they were decent sized crowds who knew what they were getting i.e. cover band and lots of Chinese. People wanted to hear and enjoyed the newer shit. TIL always got a huge pop after the first chorus. If he'd started on time there was enough good will for a new album. But he shit the bed instead. Now probably the majority of those people got bored after the first year of Reunion bollocks and it's all fat, casual trannies who look confused when they play Locomotive.
  8. First single: 65 & Life Featuring Baz and Fat Jericho
  9. That VMAs was.... I couldn't watch it home so got a bunch of casual and non fans round a mates and was just heartbroken. Listen to any 2002 soundboard and he sounded 100% better. I guess he ran in literally off the street then winded himself on the scream trying to do the old skool version instead of just the one insanely high note from the tour. On Madagascar he just sounded so tight and like he was forcing everything. If he'd sang like Albany and got good press it might have changed everything. So fucking sad.
  10. Where's all the gossip about who tried to kill the forum and what we can do to fuck their shit up?
  11. I reckon you've got Axl's batshit essay about China from the alt booklet framed in your downstairs bog
  12. So you'd be the only Guns fan still posting about Guns on the internet in 2021 who was never interested in which songs Axl and Slash wrote slagging each other off. I guess lyrics aren't your thing, fair enough. I'm not really interested in the drums and bass.
  13. Wall of essay? It's a couple paragraphs! You ever read a book?
  14. Yeah and Axl apologised for that because he was mistaken about the situation. He's also told a million people he'd kick their ass. Blues is about Slash, Sorry is a composite including shitty journalists and fans. Duff was also the one who said "Just shut up and sing, Axl" so there's that too. That's why they've never once played Blues which fits Slash's style way more and they've played Sorry loads including Axl doing his spin around from one side of Slash to the other thing and lean his arm on his shoulder. You REALLY think if it was all about Slash they'd both be do
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