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  1. Cant wait for the "Looking Very Seriously Into What We're Doing in That Regard" tour!!
  2. Will this be part of the box set? I'll watch it then.
  3. I'm holding out for the UYI 31st anniversary box set in a few years. I assume it will have double the useless garbage as this one.
  4. True, I was referring more to the living his life through one album part.
  5. Well so much for ...... "I just want to bury Appetite. I like the album, but I'm sick of it... I don't want to live my life through that one album."
  6. Dunno the story but he's like 5'2" or something so it's fitting.
  7. Axl was not shit. I'm not sure what you're expecting.
  8. That is his "I've been working out" walk.
  9. This seems like a good guess, St. Louis at Busch Stadium during the all-star break between July 8 and July 12 ... http://www.riverfronttimes.com/musicblog/2016/03/28/douche-lord-axl-rose-dares-to-return-to-st-louis-with-guns-n-roses
  10. You should start a search just in case.
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