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  1. Agreed. I wouldn’t knock 2001 - 2004 rough mixes out of your hands either.
  2. How about Cardi interviews Braskey on an episode?
  3. Tino

    Coma sucks

    I like Coma, but I also understand the complaints 100%.
  4. I think vaulted items are more likely to leak if a new record gets released. But there will never be a new record released so nothing with ever leak so this should just be the end of this discussion really.
  5. Exactly this. And if they actually have an EP or LP or both in the pipe, they will never catch the fire they had from 16-18 again. Not in the States at least. It helps me sleep at night knowing they bungled another release. I’m absolutely thrilled that their feet dragging fucked them on a supposed release. That’s what happens when you release music for yourself instead of for your fans. Good riddance.
  6. It’s obvious the answer is no. They packed stadiums without him. They didn’t reunite for feels. They reunited for money.
  7. I’m not convinced CD2 exists, nor will I be until it leaks. And I’m not convinced it’ll ever leak if it does exist. also, Axl and TB are fucking useless
  8. Disclaimer: I AM a Buckethead fan. That being said. In my experience, in the GNRetarded community, the majority of the people who put Buckethead on top of their favorite GNR guitarist list, are the same people who fucking HATE the CD songs that he has writing credits on. Seems like most of them just like Buckethead covering GNR songs. Which is fine. Just pointing that out. Unrelated, Axl should start wearing a Taco Bell Cravings Box on his head.
  9. Everyone is over-thinking this. The reason he doesn’t come onto the forums anymore simply is this: His fingers are just too damn fat.
  10. I regret to inform you that there will not be any new music officially released ever by Guns N’ Roses.
  11. Imagine not abandoning all hope at ever hearing an official release lmao
  12. If he had anything else he’d be trolling the band even harder
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