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  1. I’m absolutely APPALLED that ANYONE expected more than what they did last night. Shameful. How can you fall for the same shit year after year lol
  2. No he’s been saying a full studio LP has been done fora while. Right?
  3. Now all we need is for Axl to intro the song to “you downloading motherfuckers”
  4. Talent aside, one would argue Bucket is the biggest clown of them all.
  5. I post negative comments in hopes Axl sees them and stress eats even more.
  6. Axl, is that you?
  7. 10 more days til people get disappointed.
  8. Hahaha bongs are sooooo relevant nowadays!! What’s next a GNR Quaalude container?
  9. If they announce a November release today, I would increase the likelihood of it being released from 1% to 5%. At the end of the day this is GNR we’re talking about.
  10. Since I’m a big fan of Wu-Tang… Enter the Fat (36 Cheeseburgers)
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