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  1. In typical fashion they release 2 live versions of 30+ year old tracks that are going to sound like hot garbage instead of release 2 live versions of 14 year old tracks that sound like hot garbage. Like Better and CD. At least a couple of people would have been tricked into thinking they’re “new”.
  2. Since it’ll never get officially released, I vote that the leaker gets to name it when it eventually happens.
  3. Exactly, but don’t call me Shirley. Why am I doing Drebin’s job?
  4. @Bill Brasky you missed a great opportunity to quote Jr Soprano! “what you don’t know could fill a book” and for someone to complain about Braskey being cryptic, you should know better by now. C’mon man
  5. Nothing beats opening an album with a mostly silent 90 second intro
  6. Spotify Wrap will expose my lie. But seriously I haven’t listened since the HS release and have no plans to. I’m burnt out.
  7. I think we’ll likely get a similar release next year. Atlas + another village leak with Slush tone. Considering Axxl doesn’t release music until it leaks first.
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