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  1. It's not even a band anymore. They act like 3 solo acts on a package tour. One night during the Summer 2021 Tour, Beta was in a mood, and let the camera roll backstage for a few songs, and Live streamed it on Instagram. Beta, Susan, and Meegan had 3 separate camps set up around the edges of the stage. (Beta on the edge of Left side of stage, Meegan edge of Right side of stage, and Susan behind the stage on the Left side) From where they were from each other, none of them could communicate with each other, while the show was going on. No communication, they stay as far from each other as possible. The only time Slosh, Doof, and Alec come together is onstage, where they go through the same scripted bull shit set as always. Then they leave in 3 different directions. Probably to get on 3 different tour buses. It's just business, 3 former band mates that hate each other, cashing in on their past success.
  2. They crashed long ago. All they do now is sift through the wreckage, Shine up whatever turd they can find in one piece. and release it as something new. Coming Soon: AFD Cover #1 Limited Edition
  3. Since the Reunion. Locked N Loaded AFD Box Set Super Deluxe Edition CD Box Set AFD Remastered 2 CD set AFD Remastered CD AFD 2 LP Vinyl Remastered AFD Cassette Remastered (Red Tape) AFD Cassette Remastered (Blue Tape) Shadow of Your Love 7" Greatest Hits 2 LP vinyl Re-issue Greatest Hits 2 LP vinyl picture disc Greatest Hits 2 LP vinyl gold splatter vinyl Greatest Hits 2 LP vinyl silver splatter vinyl Hard Skool EP - CD (2022) Hard Skool EP - Cassette (2022) Hard Skool 7" (2022) It's not that they don't release shit and make money. The problem is most of what they release is Shit
  4. Other bands are releasing physical product without it taking a year. I even found Walmart and Record Store Day colored vinyl exclusives of the new Slash album releasing Feb 2022, while Hard Skool vinyl releases July 2022. And it's not useless, I like physical product. Files are shit, and over the years I have lost tons of music collecting this way. I prefer a physical product so that when the laptop dies ,like they all inevitably do, I still have my music.
  5. Its funny Slash and everybody in the band didn't dare try to explain what was going on with the release of the 2 new songs while they were on tour with the Fat Man. Complete radio silence. Slash had to wait until he created some distance between him and the Fat Man, before he finally speaks up about the new-ish GNR music. I think he is afraid of the Fat Man
  6. GNR's History timeline, and the Timeline of the band releasing New Music have crossed. That is like crossing swords. Its never supposed to happen. This could cause the universe to implode. We are all Doomed. And its all the Fat Man, and his two dummy's fault
  7. Not only that. Slash, n Duffs wife, and I think Duff also Lied repeatedly about all this work they were doing on a New Album, that was supposedly so close to be doing done Slash said it should get released in 2021. They really should have called the Hard Skool EP, LIES PT 2
  8. Yes, I like the version of Chin Dem from the Village demos much better than the album version. I assume most GNR fans will pick OMG just to show how "edgy" they are, and try and score some knowledge points on this rare-ish song that most normies don't know exists
  9. Not really an issue, but I just noticed this and thought it was odd. I got a cheap Tablet, that in the past displayed only the Cell phone version of the site. But all the sudden the Cell phone version looks very different, But only on the tablet. It has text from each thread under each thread title Is this intentional? Edit: and now it's gone. Back to normal 👍 Oct 24 EDIT: Now the Text is back
  10. Chin Dem is my favorite song on the album. Oh My God is a decent B-side
  11. Shithead says the Slash album comes out 2 weeks before Hard Skool physical release. I guess he was too dumb to notice that all physical copies of Slash album don't release til November 2022. 9 Months After Hard Skool EP
  12. The $150 Vinyl Box set that was limited to 500 copies Is actually Sold Out on day 1. That probably covers their short cut "live" in studio recording costs Who the fuck buys this overpriced garbage After the 1st single is complete garbage Now they get to wait over a year til it ships A Box Set for a Shit Album is sill just a Box Full of Shit. Surprised Axl didn't release a Hard Skool Box Set lol Hard Skool CD Hard Skool cassette Hard Skool 7" Hard Skool T-shirt Hard Skool Hat Hard Skool stickers Hard Skool signed limited edition lithograph Hard Skool locker box ------------------------------------------------- $250
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