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  1. Axl is so Fat that they had to shut down GN'AIR because the planes would have crash from the weight of Fat Axl.
  2. I finally got some time to sit back and listen to the podcast. Been a busy couple days. 🍻
  3. Bumble probably thought he would make some money, thinking people are starved for live music, and not many people touring.
  4. I can't wait for the GNR Lies box set with the New hit single "Cornshucker" 🌽

  5. Their favorite pastime is lounging on the back catalog. With 6 studio albums, Doof, Slosh, and Alex can kick their feet up with 2 each. The rest of the band gets marked spots on the floor to sit. ❌
  6. I think they picked the safest songs for Chin Dem and then had Bumblefoot put some GNR style guitar over it all to white wash it.
  7. So far I think most of the songs that didn't make it onto the Chinese Democracy album are better than the songs that did. These are not 3 songs on Chin Dem better than, State of Grace, Perhaps, and Hardschool
  8. We need 2021 version of OIAM. Protestors & Trannys Get out of my way Doof already got his Sex change today
  9. Love the new forum logo. Free Speech + Beer = Shit Talk 😁
  10. The UYI's are a mess of mixed ideas and styles. The rush to record everything and release it now took priority, over having an album where the songs sound like they fit together.
  11. They should have gone all in, and made a multi-million dollar MTV video trilogy for One In A Million. 😁
  12. I had Lies on loud the other day with windows open. I went to take a piss and I come back and One In A Million is blasting down on my neighbors. Anybody else still playing One In A Million loud? .......and what is the politically correct way to listen to this song in 2021?
  13. Does anybody remember the GNR tour that Mr Lahey filled in for Buckethead cuz he got stuck inside the chicken coup because he forgot the combination to the lock?
  14. If that thing came to my apartment and started throwin down MJ catch phrases, It would not end well. I still remember when Hollywood Blvd wanted to put up a Michael Jackson mural. Then he got accused of didling kiddies in neverland and they cancelled it.
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