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  1. I saw The Cult open for metallica and he was complete shit. Couldn't sing the Fire Women chorus at all, he just grunted 💩
  2. They all suck! My World is the best GNR song cuz it shows how retarded the Fat Man can be if left to his own devices
  3. Yes, perfect crime as an opener kills And strangely the Fan Man looks more manly wearing a kilt than he does in his usual bike shorts
  4. Izzy was done with GNR. He just wanted it released so he could walk away confident he would be set for life financially.
  5. That's it exactly. Everyone shut them off after that Don't Cry video was Cringe, No one wanted a follow-up The real joke is the million dollars the Fat Man spent on the Estranged video, only to find that the world had already moved on from Guns N Roses. Even the machine they sold their souls to, turned it's back, as radio and MTV mostly ignored it
  6. We should start an internet pretition demanding for GNR & SMKC to retire immediately to stop the damage to the GNR Legacy done by these terrible singers.
  7. I found some people that agree with you
  8. Axl burned it all down, for the longevity.
  9. It wasn't just the image, it started with bullshit like the T2 movie tie in. With movie clips and Arnold in the video. Izzy was the only one smart enough to not do the cheeseball scene with Arnold at the end of the video That wasn't what GNR was about. I didn't listen to GNR for movie advertisements. And that was the good single. It really went downhill after that, with ballad after ballad released as singles. And million dollar Michael Jackson level videos that were just straight cheese. They had no integrity left at all, And as a rock band that was important at the time. They sold out and everyone knew it. Sure they still had the top 40 fans, but those kind of people only like you as long as your hit is on the charts. Axl drove GNR into the ground with UYI. By 1993, if someone mentioned the name GNR it would only be responded to with laughter and put downs
  10. I did. It was more than just the bike shorts. It was everything about the over the top commercialism of the UYI era. They were my favorite band, and they became just as shit as everyone else. They became everything I thought GNR was against. And I hated them for it. I stopped buying their stuff, I never purchased either of the UYi albums back in the day, and stopped going to see the band. The last time I saw the original band was a Free ticket I got for the Pantages Theater 1991 in Hollywood on the warm up tour for UYI. And even then I only went cuz it was Free. Years later I started listening to AFD again, and somehow got sucked back into this shit.
  11. You are forgetting about MTV. Image was everything in the 80s & 90s. Record labels admitted to signing hair bands in the late 80s just by how they looked. Fuck, when I grew up in the late 80s you couldn't even be in a band if you didn't have long hair. No Hair = Game Over
  12. Slash has the two worst singers in Rock N Roll history. I bet he keeps the vocals really low on his IEM so he doesn't listen to them
  13. Bycycle shorts is Gay 🥒
  14. I heard that when he got too high and couldn't get it up, he would turn out the lights and use one of his snakes to satisfy the unsuspecting girl.
  15. Someone should have told the Fat Man that bycycle shorts are the most un-rock n roll thing on earth The whole UYI period destroyed any cool points GNR had built up with AFD. It was like one big embarrassment after another. I stopped following them around 1991 because of it, and I should have stayed that way. I thought Slash n Duff were still okay, it was mostly the Fat Man that ruined everything GNR was.
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