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  1. It's impossible to replicate it live without numerous backing tracks, even for AFD stuff. Every single GNR track from all eras has Axl doing 4-5 vocals at once, at least 3 guitar tracks and sometimes more than that, and there are some songs on AFD/UYI where I'm pretty sure there's an extra bass in some parts. They could be as sober and as on top of their game as possible and they'd never be able to replicate it 1:1. It is what it is.
  2. He looked healthy and fit, yes. 1992 that dude was lean as hell and muscled up. 2006 he had middle age spread and looked great for his age, but he was not ripped, he didn't have abs at all. No need to exaggerate how in shape he was.
  3. Axl was neither ripped nor in 1992 shape in 2006-2007. He was in 40 year old who works out a bit a couple days a week maybe if he feels like it but is bursting with coke energy shape.
  4. I believe Shackler's Revenge is the last thing he put vocals to, with the possible exception of the TIL remix which SOUNDS like 2010 era voice but could be from pretty much anytime between 2004 and whenever it leaked out.
  5. Really both Absurd and Hard SKOOL sound more like they're mixed by whoever does the SMKC albums. Everything super loud, everything way up front, everything super compressed, no dynamics at all. Which is just the standard for rock music for like 20 years now. The previous SMKC album was so fucking loud and squished it was almost comical.
  6. I don't think Hardschool/Absurd have been AFDified at all. It's just basic hard left, hard right, fills and leads straight up the middle. That's just the most basic rock set up there is. If you think it's AFD style because there aren't 4 guitar parts layered on each side, lol. There's still random beeps and boops and synths and shit in both songs they just aren't as prominent as they are in previous versions.
  7. The whole band got COVID during the recording of this album
  8. Probably because the title never got leaked or mentioned and Ron probably didn't have a swing at it so it never came up
  9. I absolutely believe the first disc of the Village stuff would have had a solid 5-6 radio hits if it had been released in 2000-2002.
  10. Still shaking my head at how terrible this song is.
  11. It's hilarious that he actually admits this after years of saying he's been writing new Guns material in every interview
  12. Lol at how almost embarrassed Myles looks for the entirety of the video
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