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  1. About grown men fucking? I'm calling you man boobs from now on.
  2. " so faxl, can you go into a little detail about why fatlas was left off chinfatese? " We'd have that fat duck eating mommy fucker Kurt cobaining in 15 min
  3. Hahaha I posted before I read your post. Lmfao!!! Amazing post!! Wanna fuck?
  4. Yeah I posted and send a pm for a link before I read the thread. Then i realized jokes on me. Fish out the people. My fav is " I've been way" no you haven't lmao
  5. Night of the fat hahahahah I love this place so much!!!
  6. I get it now...well played fuckas
  7. I laughed reading this. Woke up with bad tinitus so some laughter helped. Thanks fag!
  8. It would be great if faxl dropped dead so we can hear all the shit. On second thought you know beta would hoard it all so she could mount a speaker to his isolated vocals. Guys..... we're never gonna hear any of it.. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?????
  9. Because he's a retard with no self awareness. Fucking Chris angel faggot welfare rocker. He needs to put his mouth on the curb
  10. Whatever the disc is with the Hannibal sample with bucket is where it's at. Bucket was the only reason I was intrigued by this music. Yeah slash is cool, old gnr was cool but bucket and Axl is where it's fucking at.
  11. Doubt it. Knowing fat, he had slash redo everything exactly like Robin and bucket and if slash bounces/gets fired he will have Robin and bucket redo it exactly like slash...of course it will be our fault somehow.
  12. Can a meme be reused if you have already used it? Just wondering what meme rules are?
  13. I disagree. Strange how two people can see it different.
  14. Axl is a retard. From everything Ive heard on these discs Chinese at minimum could of been a double album. I don't subscribe as others do that trying new shit is bad so I like a lot of the experimental stuff. If Axl had figured out the right mix, with the right sequencing he could of had one bad ass double album, a follow up to complete the trilogy and there would be a case to be made that Chinese and follow up were better and more focused than illusions. Bucket is amazing as usual. It's so fucking stupid to piss on your own legacy due to crazy and stubbornness. I can see the final product in my hand, double album, on six 180 gram vinyl, artwork from red hand . Raw gritter mix. You blew it Axl. Some people rise to the occasion and become legends...others.....well....Faxl....
  15. He's nutted in her bareback hundreds of times. I'm sure right after he blows a rope of jizz in her he is immediately disgusted by her and filled with shame, he then eats his feelings...next day cycle continues, hence a fatnado of bareback stink and fat shame...hence no new music
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