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  1. Can't believe GNR completely ripped off their new song from an unknown band. What a bunch of losers
  2. The fucking "cover" Most dangerous band in the world. My schools mashed potatoes were more dangerous than this
  3. If you have a vpn, set it to New Zealand. It's not worth it. It's horrible. TIL-levels of cringe
  4. I was only nine years old. I loved Axl Rose so much, I had all the toy trucks and laundry bags. I'd pray to Axl every night before I go to bed, thanking for the life I've been given. "Axl is love", I would say, "Axl is life". My dad hears me and calls me a faggot. He says I make no sense to him. I knew he was just jealous for my devotion to Axl. I called him a cunt. He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep. I'm crying now and my face hurts. I lay in bed and it's really cold. A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. It smells like burritos and enchiladas. It's Axl. I'm so happy. He whispers in my ear, "You know where you are? You're in the jungle, baby". He grabs me with his fat, cheeto crusted hands, and puts me on my hands and knees. I spread my ass-cheeks for Axl. He penetrates my butthole. It hurts so much, but I do it for Axl. I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water. I push against his fat. I want to please Axl. He screams like Mickey Mouse as he fills my butt with his love. My dad walks in. Axl looks him straight in the eye, and says, "Pussy full of maggots, isn't that absurd?". Axl levitates through my window. Axl is love. Axl is life.
  5. The roller coaster with the Mao head on that one fake CD cover. But instead of being a roller coaster it just punches you in the balls
  6. Right. And Santa Claus is real For someone you "don't know" you sure do spend a lot of time defending him, to the point you're false flagging people on Twitter If you're gonna lie at least lie about something no one already knows
  7. Well we already knew that How does Mojos cock taste? Must be amazing, seeing as you're still simping over him like a 12 y/o child
  8. lol obsidian You're not trying hard enough
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