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  1. No, he is in quarantine with Doof reface-2021-11-23-11-02-52.mp4
  2. Let me tell you sth, brother reface-2021-11-23-10-57-08.mp4
  3. reface-2021-11-23-11-09-36.mp4
  4. DEXY looked a lot like Axl.
  5. New album title confirmed: DEXY
  6. I'm actually stunned that he didn't eat that pussy quite earlier🤔
  7. Story of his life, since he's fat. And it's definately better than My World and many other GNR songs.
  8. When a female singer is pissing on a fan it is ok. But when you're a man, you're career is over and you will probably end in jail and people will sue you🤔
  9. 2011-2014. However it went downhill since 2008.
  10. The last recordings of NuGnR are from Ashba. Nothing happened since then. Caram is just mixing stuff with Slash and Duff. There are also no new Axl vocals since 2006.
  11. CD is a shitload of ideas. And it doesn't make sense to compare them to Queen, because Axl was the only member of the original squad.
  12. I disagree. Best moments were on UYI. However it's not perfect on every song.
  13. No, no, no. This a pretty lame as reunion. With only Slash and Duff involved. Even in hybrid GNR terms it's lame. Frank and Fortus are from the bottom squad of NuGnR. New songs? Come on. These 2 songs are just remixes by the trio of Slash, Duff and Caram.
  14. GnR stood for perfect production value. And so there is a major problem with CD stuff...
  15. Ezrin was still right. CD is not radio friendly. However, Caram made Silkworms somehow radio friendly. Its still shitty because of autotune...
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