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  1. With regard to it's complexity, it's Estranged. It was the most challenging song for the band, too.
  2. Dude never delivered an epic drum beat. Atlas is his only work that sounds remarkable.
  3. That was GNR at their prime. The Freddie Tribute and the VMA 92 performance was just the perfect example of why they became epic. Believe it or not, but GNR was the best live band on the globe back then.
  4. Will there be one last superhit on the next album?
  5. Its obvious that Zutaut sold the locker stuff. He is out of the music business and he told a few times: Visit me and lets talk. So, someone bought the stuff from him. Now, the only one, who would sell unheard stuff is Pitman.
  6. He simply finally found a gf, he's busy to fuck with day and night. Gf stands for 'goat friend'.
  7. Imo 500+ is realistic, if it includes future hologram tours, movie rights, tour videos and merch. If Axl would be smart, he would sell the catalogue and would release CD under a different band name to make some extra money.
  8. Bullshit. Duff on vocals cant be good. Quick Song will be on a new album. And lets face it: Axl will sell the GNR catalogue for 500+ in 2022. This band is done.
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