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  1. Then why is he sounding good in the UYI and AFD era vids? New technology is distracting his voice?
  2. Jig Saw Puzzle😄 Like serious. They do it on purpose. Still waiting for the GNR toilet paper though.
  3. I have to protect Fernando here. The official merch was that shitty since 2001. As you said, someone is just doing copy and paste since 2001. My guess is, it's Del James. The only good merch is the one, where they sold the copyrights to other global fashion brands like Zara group, etc
  4. The instrumental version sucks. Slash's solos are pointless. The song is pointless.
  5. You wanna know where my hard stool is? It's in my ass. That's where my hard stool is, butthead. Go home.
  6. He is saying 'cuckold' in my opinion
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