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  1. I wasn't talking about you in particular, it was just about the outfits. I didn't mind any of that. It was just a product of the times. Personally, I never really cared for music videos unless they have some distinctive qualities or a certain artistic value. That, the T2 thing and most of what you mention was just what came with signing a big contract with a major label. I liked the grandiosity of the UYI tour, the horns section, backup singers, added musicians... but that's just me, and it's because I'm all for change and exploring different stuff. I never stuck gnr (or any other band for that matter) in a box with a list of expectations. But also, I didn't experience GNR in the 80s, so –in experience– i'm a stranger to their early sleazy vibe. I like what they accomplished musically in UYI (although i don't think it's flawless), I enjoyed CD a lot as well. I get what you mean, though. I guess it would be like seeing Thurston Moore or Eric Avery in some car or insurance billboard.
  2. I always thought Axl looked cool on stage whatever he was wearing, he had the attitude and confidence to pull it off. I think it only hurt those hardcore mulletheads who saw that stuff as a loss of street cred or some infantile shit like that.
  3. It is. I don't have verified reliable information to take sides. Neither do you.
  4. Lol you silly billy. I'm not forcing you to reply, you can stop anytime.
  5. No, we can talk about it all you want. Taking sides is a completely different thing.
  6. Why would I want anything about this? How would it benefit me or improve my life in any way? You're being a silly billy.
  7. Lol I'm not taking sides Budd. I don't know Manson, I'm not even a fan, I have zero personal interests involved in this. It's a he said, she said situation. We can talk about the whole rockstar-groupie dynamics all you want, and how people can be absolute pieces of shit. But I wouldn't take sides because I have no clue of what happened. I wasn't there. Manson never brought any of that up to me, neither did his girlfriends. I never saw or heard anything. I wasn't made aware of their relationship agreements about sex, finances, or power dynamics... In short, I don't know jack shit about any of it. So I have no solid grounds to take anyone's sides here. It's all FAT. Zero actual meat. Just FAT. Only FAT. Nothing but FAT.
  8. I guess The Garden and Pretty Tied Up.
  9. I won't argue that point. Creatively it's all downhill after HW. He was the scapegoat for Columbine. His career never recovered after that, at least when it comes to popularity. Creatively he used to write good lyrics full of wordplay, puns, social criticism against institutions, etc, but it looks like he needed other's help to achive what he achieved. I think that if Reznor hadn't taken him under his wing, he would have never made it as big as he did. And same applies to Corgan's influence in Mechanical Animals. It's like those 2 guys gave Manson's music some credibility and turned it into something that could be taken seriously from an industry perspective. I think HW is made in part of leftovers from ACS, or that's what MWG implied a few years ago.
  10. Well that's because Duff already made things clear when he said that all those misogynistic lyrics were just tongue in cheek, that in reality they were a bunch of nice guys saying silly things. And he is woke and successful, he has money and a yatch, so he must be telling the truth.
  11. Why would anyone take sides if they were not involved in any way, not even tangentially? It's all 2nd hand information that cannot be corroborated.
  12. This. I don't give a fuck about Slash or duff "contributions" to songs they were not a part of. I want to hear those tunes with Tobias, BH, Robin, etc. I couldn't care less for any original material Axl and Slash could write. The time for that is long gone and they're both creatively dry.
  13. It's just Slash phoning it in, being his usual bitch-ass passive-aggressive self... fucking it up just enough to feel he's standing his ground, while trying not to piss of his boss too much so he won't get fired. Both Absurd and HS are way inferior to their respective demos, and Slash contributed to that step down. This fucking band has become something akin to the real housewives or any show with petty women being petty. That's gnr right now.
  14. It's a nice song, but to me it sounds like a Replacements tune.
  15. Another horrible decision by this shit band.
  16. Not at all. You can come and sit on my lap anytime
  17. So you take Brasky's word as gospel, and you think I'm some "Billy" guy from discord? Brasky is clueless. I am not who he claims I am. I'm just another guy who got banned at the gyna and ended up here. I don't care about "the fanbase", to be honest I barely care enough about this band anymore. I don't feel that I need to "do something for the fanbase" or for any group of strangers for that matter. That's Brasky's thing, he likes to brag about what a great poster he is and stuff like that, which holds absolutely no value in my world. I don't get the point of Brasky's fixation with me. I guess his "i'm not an insider, but i know people" shtick isn't getting him much attention, so he needs to make up some shit and start talking out of his ass to feel important or something. I wouldn't be surprised that you are just one of Brasky's alt accounts, or you're just some dumb fuck who holds him in high esteem and repeats the same shit he posts.
  18. I'd trade them all for a vial of working braincells for you, my clueless friend.
  19. I assume, that Frank re-recorded those tracks after the leaks were recorded and before Slash got back to replace Ashba.
  20. I see you took your retarded pills this morning. And no, I don't have any "sources" or claim to have them. Never have, never will. That's the rotten corner of the fanbase where you like to venture.
  21. I think what's more likely is that Frank re-recorded those drums long before Slash came in the picture, that's why Slash said that only gtr and bass work have been redone since he came to replace DJ Ashba.
  22. i don't know of any other drummers in the gnr world that could have butchered the drums to those songs. Unless it's a programmed drum machine with only 1 velocity setting.
  23. Too bad that whatever song is next, it will be a "reworked" tune with uninspired guitar work by Slush and awful drumming by Francisco.
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