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  1. It might have something to do with their stage presence. Bucket and Finck can look like total freaks on stage, but it feels natural, it’s just how they are… extravagant, and in the case of Finck, he’s an expressionist. DJ in comparisson looked more normal, but his stage persona felt fake, like he was trying too hard to be cool and likeable. The whole Hogan ears… wtf dude, nobody knows who you are. Also his lack of awareness… wearing a top hat? Really? Ashba was trying too hard to stand out, while Bucket and Finck, as much as they can look weird, they’re sort of low key.
  2. DJ got hired just because he’s also from Indiana. Axl wasn’t even there to hear him play, all he needed to know was that Ashba came from the same State.
  3. Had a Dad’s lyrics are better than any storm metaphor. Take Axl’s cock out of your mouth, and get up off your shananananana knees knees. They’re good lyrics, great metric, rhymes, and meaning; it’s a song for eric avery about his dad leaving, but also humanity’s loss of faith in a superior power. It’s simple, but it works, and it’s well crafted. I give you Classic Girl doesn’t have much depth, it’s just a love song made into a lullaby. Not every song has to be a stylistic lyrical statement, a lot of his lyrics are just small thought pieces, but take a songlike Of Course, Three Days, Then She Did, Ocean Size, Summertime Rolls… I’m not saying your lover Axl sucks, I just don’t think he has the same kind and level of craftmanship. Axl’s strength was somewhere else.
  4. Great doc. I really like the way it’s edited. Just kids and young adults having a blast.
  5. How is it a funky riff? I feel no funk from it. It is a great riff, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t get how it could be considered funky.
  6. There is nothing prog rock in GNR’s discography, just as there is nothing “funk” about Locomotive. There are very few songs that escape the hard rock + ballads essence of GNR. Only from My World on to the CD material that the band ventured beyond its own self imposed boundaries. I enjoy CD and the leaks better than I do AFD or UYI now because of the sonic exploration. Before that, only 3 or 4 songs dare do something a bit different, but not that much. I notice way more versatility in JA’s music. Both bands had that magic chemistry that makes things fit together and work to produce something greater than the sum of its parts, but I feel that GNR’s output variety was thwarted by their own limitations. Slash is (was) great at what he does, but he’s a one-trick pony. Navarro in comparison is a much more versatile player in both technique and influences/style, and it really shows in JA. I’ve always seen Duff’s work in gnr as “just the bass player”, there is nothing that remarkable about his playing or songwriting abilities. Eric Avery wrote simple bass lines, but with so much fucking groove… he was 100% the backbone of the band. Perkins style is very particular and recognizable, closer to Steven than Matt, the guy swings like a mofo. Axl had the better voice, but his lyrics have always been pretty lame and they have nothing on Perry’s lyrics. Both were great frontmen. All that shit permeates through the music. If it wasn’t for Axl being a stubborn mf, GNR would have turned into ACDC, releasing AFD every few years under a different title.
  7. Perkins tribal drumming, Avery’s grooves, Dave’s metal, funk and blues influences, Perry’s poetry. Janes Addiction is a clear mix of styles; there’s psychedelic rock fused with punk, funk, blues, gypsy shit, heavy influence by The Velvet Underground, gothic rock, metal, hard rock. Only in Chinese Democracy Guns (Axl) dared to venture beyond their hard rock and ballads staples, but even then the purists didn’t approve because “it didn’t sound like gnr”. What does locomotive being “better” have to do with versatility? Or are you one of those who say Locomotive is a “progressive rock song” and as such is proof that gnr were genius composers? Yeah, it’s a cool song that rests on a guitar groove, but that’s it. Pretty much any Jane’s song has more groove than Locomotive. Three Days pisses all over Locomotive if you want to talk about a song being “better”. I’m not going to start listing songs. They have a small discography, it should be obvious to anyone willing to listen. It’s not a matter of taste –you don’t have to like it– it’s a simple observation.
  8. This is just a guess, but he might have been inspired by NIN, who were pretty much releasing a remix album after each official release, but these were other artists remixing the songs. Some are pretty fucking good. The CD remixes don’t sound like someone was inspired by the songs, but more like a task just to have them done.
  9. Even with new music, I wouldn’t pay a dime to hear Axl and Slash butcher every single song in the playlist.
  10. I’m gonna sound like a negative cunt, but I don’t see anything positive about them in that period. The only good thing that has happened since 2016 were the leaks. I couldn’t care less about the re-releases. Duff and Slash being back hasn’t led to anything creative, exciting or at least interesting, so their presence is pretty irrelevant to me. Their live performances have ranged from mediocre to atrocious. The only good thing that could happen regarding this band is more leaks. Other than that they are the lamest rock band around right now.
  11. Care to elaborate about the osbournes fucking with Zakk’s career?
  12. Announcements about a gnr album release means jack shit, so i wouldn’t pay much attention. If an album is released, I’ll listen to it, but my excitement about new music pretty much dissipated when Duff and Slash came back. I’m more interested in music from the CD sessions with the musicians involved in that project.
  13. nothing’s shocking and ritual de lo habitual have the AFD quality of being SOLID albums, no filler, just great songs, one after another. But what takes them beyond GNR is their versatility in styles and musicianship. Even Strays is a collection of great songs (ruined by early 2000’s polished rock production).
  14. I get Perry’s voice isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s an acquired taste. Also, it’s a staple and recognizable in its timbre and processing. He can write, though, his lyrics put Axl’s to shame anytime. And if we talk about stage presence and energy, it was insane, I guess like the AFD era small clubs shows, without any of the flamboyant Liberace shit that came later. They went to shit when they lost Eric Avery –their Izzy Stradlin, and had Ezrin produce their next album… big mistake.
  15. Heroin wasn’t an issue in the band’s stability as much as one would think. The band went to shit because of the stupid rivalry between Perry and Eric over some pussy. I’d say they never quite grasped “success”, so it’s impossible to point that out as something that could have destroyed the band.
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