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  1. Someone please edit their faces here, also Del’s, Beta’s, Fernandinho’s, Susan’s and all the sycophants surrounding this gang of fakes.
  2. Slash is full of shit, but that’s how he operates and conducts his business. I can’t blame him for not being inspired in GNR, he wants to do his thing, make his own music instead of re-recording other musician’s parts, which is normal. But the constant bullshitting is fucking annoying, he plays it cool, but at the end of the day he’s a passive-aggressive cunt eith no integrity. Axl said at one point Slash was a limelight whore who would do anything for the attention (or something along those lines), and he was right. Slash is in it for the money and the high profile of the gig, which permeates as more attention on his solo stuff. Of course he knew that any “new music” would mean re-recording CD-era material, but he’d rather do that and bitch in his usual passive-aggressive ways rather than packing his shit and focusing on his own creative endeavours. Duff? He’s irrelevant. At least with Axl we know what we’re dealing with. We know what (not) to expect. Nothing of what we’ve seen so far is a coincidence. Axl’s cuck comments, Slash half-assing his performances (of CD and “classic” material), the “we don’t know how to release music”, the silence around Absurd and Hard Skool… Slash hates being in GNR, but he loves the money too much to show a bit of integrity and quit. Cucks N’ Phonies.
  3. Which is a lie. The drums are clearly not the ones from the leaks. They dumbed them down with Frank behind the kit. The OG drums in Hard School were great, and the shit drums we got in Hard Skool have to be the worst in the gnr catalogue. Such a waste of everything… time, money, talent, opportunities… So our best chance is we get C- versions of CD sessions songs, which means we’ll never listen to those original finished tunes with Buckethead, Freese/Brain. I tap out. This band is not even worth streaming or downloading their shit for free.
  4. More like doused in industrial silicone. Teardrop shape >>>> basket ball shape.
  5. Axl only posted that. It was most likely redacted by management (hence the stupid “R” instead of “ARE” and “OUR”). I say it was nosso menino Fernandinho e suas ideias estúpidas.
  6. Lol Unlike you, I’m not emotionally invested in the past of this band. I enjoy a good chunk of their music and that’s it. Did you throw a temper tantrum when the DJ refused to play November Rain at your prom? And don’t call it trolling, you’re clearly seething as you always do when someone says Slash’s playing has been SHIT for a while. You’re the one going around quoting different users to PROVE THEM WRONG (lmao) and stating FACTS and puerile shit like that. Seriously, go get a blowjob, you need to relax a bit.
  7. Argument for what you mouth-breathing imbecile? About personal taste? You’re so retarded this isn’t even fun anymore. It’s not like we’re talking about something important, this is just about you and your mullet for the nostalgia of what once was. What’s next? An argument about 80’s Loony Toons jean jackets? Lol. Grow up.
  8. You’re not really pissing me off, just making me worried that I’m dealing with one of those classic nutcases that seem so abundant in the fanbase of this circus. But I’ll keep replying, hopefully it will get to the point where you break and just leave for a bit to breathe in some fresh air and cool down like you did when nobody was taking your side when Manson got me-too’d and you threw a temper tantrum and left.
  9. I despise people who don’t agree with me and don’t have the same taste in music! Boo-hoo! Bu… but… but muh mullet!! Boo-fucking-hoo! But… you have to keep the argumentation going! This is a serious issue! Boo-hoo! Pathetic. Just grow up.
  10. Are you Perla? Is Slash paying you alimony or some shit? Dude, there’s no need to defend him like a rabid bitch all the time. You already know I think his playing has deteriorated horribly and that he sucks… why insist on telling me I’m wrong? Will your life improve in anyway if I agree with you? Just go and jerk off to his beautiful smile and be happy. Forget about getting others to agree with you, that’s the most moronic thing you can do. Every post you type about this makes you sound more like your armpit hair is purple and that you have 7 preferred pronouns. It’s enough. Be happy.
  11. Boo-hoo. Slash has done GREAT stuff, and he’s been praised for that here and everywhere else. Nothing of what he has done in the last decade is worth of praise or recognition. Even live he sucks, playing the guitar parts he created and recorded himself: completely uninspired and boring. Beyond embarrassing. Slash’s contributions in these songs has been utter shit. That, my friend is an objective and undeniable absolute factual truth. Whether the songs were good enough or not to begin with is beyond the point.
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