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  1. Mine? Lack of self-awareness. I can roll on these fools all day for being just plain dumb.
  2. I remember trying to convince myself the FIRST Slash solo album was good. Ah, memories.
  3. Axl is into house music, isn't he? Probably just another bad idea he spouted back in the day and everyone in the room gave an emphatic "That's a great idea Axl!!!!" leaving him typically unchecked. I'm sure that was it.
  4. Random thought: Those Chinese Democracy remixes were so fucking bad. I'm honestly shocked Brain put them together, as I regard him as a pretty damn good drummer. I'm so glad that 2011 "re-launch" didn't materialize. It would have been new album jackets, and a second disc of remixes that were all essentially 14 different variations of the Happy Birthday song.
  5. UFO Twitter is one of my guilty pleasures. I've had moments of clarity and self-awareness where I think about it and think "Why am I following this?" & "Is this topic in general just a colossal waste of everyone's time?" I regard my personal GNR interest in the exact same way now.
  6. And I would agree. 😄
  7. If, against all odds, an album was announced for, say, November what would your gut reaction be? Excited or not? I talk a lot of shit, and fucking rightfully so, but man I would be crazy happy and excited. Even if it sucks, and I honestly don't think it will, it's the first music with them on it since forever ago. At that point, I'd probably forgive that Axl likely recorded the vocals in 1999 and Slash recorded the solo in Axl's tennis court portapotty last year. I just wanna hit play on it. Where do you honestly fall if that announcement, however unlikely, actually comes?
  8. I love when aging out Gen-Xers still flip the bird in photos as if it's super edgy.
  9. I hope everyone's ready to hear Axl croak his way through a poorly timed "Ain't Going Down" for 3 months once the "remaster" inevitably drops. That's about as interesting as these shows are gonna get.
  10. If it's just 2002 Axl yelling into his mic about timing and levels I think we'll all live.
  11. This will not happen. A release will come once Axl is no longer able to make sound decisions, or dead. There's still a fuckload of solid material in the can and money to be made. He's just nuts, and it simply won't happen on his clock.
  12. I will never understand why the 2002 VMA rehearsal has reached holy grail status. I can't think of anything I'm less interested in.....maybe an Illusions remaster. That would also be pretty useless.
  13. Who put these together? Good stuff.
  14. They made a fuck-ton of money in 16 and 17. The grins on their faces during the bows are basically, thank God we finally put our egos aside and are making all this awesome cash. Which is fine. Before then we were basically begging them to take that obvious mindset. I just like rock n roll and want new music.
  15. Yeah, I know Axl said something like "This is not a song about someone you used to know." back in 2010 but holy fuck, it's hard not to see it that way. Even the "I'll kick your ass like I said that I would." bit from when he said that to Slash on stage during the Illusion tour, which was pretty well documented.
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