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  1. I totally got the same vibe from his posts today about Slash’s “project” as he’s calling it. He regarded Ron with that exact kind of cagey wording back when he started to go rogue.
  2. Of course. Thank you for being reasonable. 🙏🏻 😂
  3. Lol. He’s obviously fried, but I think TB are freaking the fuck out over what Slash said. No way Jarmo would be brave enough to talk shit unless his boy Fernando made it feel “safe.”
  4. 13 years since Chinese Democracy and the stars were FINALLY aligning in a post-pandemic world for a new GNR record featuring Slash, only to be single-handedly sabotaged by…Slash. 😳…Yep. This checks out. 👌🏻
  5. When I see people on the other boards say things like “Oh, I’m sure the albums gonna come during the Euro tour.” it’s like looking into an abyss of dark and stupid. If these two singles didn’t mean they figured it out, fuck me, it just ain’t happening.
  6. What a Devious bastard. Just too Hard School, and we thought he was here to stay. I’ll kick his ass like I said that I would.
  7. Right? Thank God we have the benefit of hindsight now to call it out as the crock of shit it so absolutely is.
  8. Seriously, are we supposed to believe we’d have an album if only Axl & TB weren’t totally blindsided by Slash’s record? Is that the premise J-dizzle is hinting at?
  9. maybe maybe not, care or don’t
  10. Yep, for those who care new album incoming. GNR registered a buncha shit recently and God knows they wouldn’t bother in any other circumstance, i.e. planning and strategy. Their 11th hour laziness gives it away.
  11. Lmao, they’re like teens leaving passive aggressive taunts on social media. Yeesh.
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