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  1. Is that a 2021 Axl Rose fat photo leak?
  2. Good god this thread gnfnr is back http://tenor.com/view/shit-poop-crap-big-pile-of-shit-jurassic-park-gif-5120571
  3. State of Grace is good and has potential to be better than all of CD in a completed state. Atlas is decent, better than about half of CD. The follow your heart thing is catchy and the intro with the strumming acoustic and Axl going HOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHH WHY SHOULD I is awesome. Hard School isn’t exactly good but it fills a niche that was sorely missing on CD and probably would have made a better first single than CD. Perhaps could be good with an entirely new chorus. I like that behaviour/saviour part a lot. Zodiac and Oklahoma instrumentals are so go
  4. Will listen to this at the earliest opportunity
  5. A Shitby thread a week makes the autists weep
  6. lahey comes spilling out drunk as fuck in a bathrobe, takes the mic from axl, says something unintelligible, does the axl rasp better than current fat axl and leaves amazing
  7. i don't have it anymore but it was a screenshot from this classic gif
  8. the media has infantalized black people to the point where middle class white people unironically get their kicks from watching their pet people enjoy things they're not supposed to
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